1. Aging gracefully

    Profile1aClick on the top title and scroll Recently an old classmate wrote to say I was “aging gracefully.” From the context of her note I know she meant it as a compliment, but I still hate that expression. I don’t understand it.  I tried looking it up and it seems others are also as ambivalent and confused as I am about the idea of “aging gracefully.” 

    How does one age gracefully? Is it like losing gracefully or even winning gracefully? We all know what those expressions mean. Am I being self-effacing in the face of aging by doing so “gracefully?” 

    Perhaps I sound nitpicky to question the compliment, but in this ageist world I don’t need to be told I am aging well, gracefully, or that I look good for my age. I am not in denial about my age; I simply prefer not to be defined by it. 

    Darlings, remember age, like most things, is relative. A 20-year-old seems ancient to four-year-old, and many 70-year-olds feel like teenagers. 

    Have a sweet week. Take time to call an old friend and spend time with a new one.  Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings, that is truly where the sweet life lies. 

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