1. Adventures in dieting: Diet cookies

    Cookie diets seem to be everywhere, but do they work? Can you eat cookies and lose weight? As femme fatale Joan Collins once said,” you could eat only chocolate biscuits and lose weight, as long as you don’t eat too many.” She had it right, as recent research confirms weight loss is all about calories. If you want to look fabulous, feel great, and stay svelte, darlings that is where good nutrition comes in.

    These cookie diets have you eat “diet” cookies as meal substitutes. You eat them for breakfast and lunch and then have a healthy low-cal meal at night. It will take the weight off you, if you can stand it. The cookies are full of protein and vitamins. They don’t taste so good that you’ll be tempted to eat them all up, unlike most “diet-aid candy”. Nor do they taste all that bad. They are just dull and filling.
    I recently tried the Dr. Siegal cookies. I am not sure I would do the whole diet every day. I’d most likely eat a boiled egg or tuna for lunch when I was at home. But, I love having the protein cookie for a quick breakfast or lunch option, particularly if I am on the run. They fill you up so you can control hunger and calories. They also prevent hunger headaches and stop you from getting so hungry you’ll eat anything. The biggest drawback of the cookies is the price, about $3.49 a meal. If you are eating junk food and calorie-laden take-out, it is trade-off. You can easily spend as much or more on that figure-wrecking fare. It does seem steep to those us who prepare meals at home, but it is still a good option for times away from home.
    The cookies have 90 calories; 25 of them are from fat. They also have two grams of fiber and five grams of protein. I can see this diet working for anyone who can’t even taste food without falling off the wagon. Trust me; these cookies do not set off cravings, they are too dull. I think it is best as a quick start option. But this type of diet works for many women with no ill effects. If you binge and snack on regular diets, then just tuning out and eating cookies may be your ticket to success. But if you decide to try this and have a serious weight problem or eating disorders, get some professional help first. There is help available at every budget and even free, if you need it.
    I have not tried Smart for Life Cookies, but they seem very similar, according to the information on their website. They cost about the same too. I like cookies much better than shakes — which I loathe — or I would have many more options for meal replacement diets. If the idea appeals to you there are definitely good shake options at different prices. Read the labels, if budget is an issue. They may not have Dr. Siegal’s special hunger-satisfying ingredients, but they may work for you. I prefer food and in a pinch a cookie.
    I will definitely pack a few Dr. Siegal Cookies in my bag from now on when I travel. Airports are ruinous to my diet and figure. Darlings, better a healthy dull cookie than empty calories on the run.