Dolce-Dolce is a site for all women who believe life should be sweet.

Dolce-Dolce was founded by a former International Fashion, Beauty and Health editor and writer who has worked for the some of the biggest names in publishing all over the world and thoroughly enjoyed it. She started Dolce-Dolce when she herself began to find it difficult to separate editorial from advertorial in some major magazine and online bulletins. She didn't like it and neither did her friends.

They are busy women who need good research and info in a brief and amusing format.

Two years later she and her team have come up with their solution--Dolce-Dolce. We promise you the real deal all the time from top experts who treat the celebrities, from experienced editors who have seen it all. We will consider like minded partners and sponsors but there will be NO advertising--NO tit for tat. Try us.

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