DolceDolce.com is a bi-monthy online magazine for women. It was created and is edited by Gracey Hitchcock. Gracey has talked beauty and fashion with women all over the world, from Boston to Bangkok, Montreal to Moscow.  She believes there has never been a better time than now to be a woman. It has never been easier or more economical to be beautiful. There are fabulous and effective beauty and anti-aging products available today at every price! Gracey is an acknowledged international beauty and anti-aging expert, and her readers trust her to know the best and latest products and techniques. DolceDolce.com also attracts interviews with top experts and celebrities. 


Gracey was a founding editor for Vogue Russia, feature writer for Russian Elle, contributor to The Moscow Times, columnist for The Women’s Post, Toronto. She has also contributed to national newspapers and magazines. DolceDolce.com believes fashion should be accessible and luxurious — and most of all, that life should be sweet.

 DolceDolce.com has a staff of women writers who, like our readers, range in age from 20- to 50-plus. They cover beauty, fashion, anti-aging, health, food, travel, celebrity trend-setters, music, food, books, pop culture, and anything else that makes life sweet. Our readers are urban, educated, professional women in the U.S. and Canada. We also send a subscription newsletter to charter readers, who are opinion makers in their fields.  


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