1. A San Francisco family saga

    The Good Woman: A Brennan Sisters Novel by Jane Porter is the first in a series about a large Irish Catholic family in San Francisco. If you love rich, emotional, complex sagas, The Good Woman will delight you.
    Meg, a busy wife, mother, and sister is facing midlife crisis. The oldest in a working class Irish family, Meg has always expected a lot from herself and others. She is the perfect wife, mother and employee – until one day, when unexpected attention makes her question her values. Over the years of raising children and meeting responsibilities Meg and her loving husband have lost their spark. Meg is tempted when her single, good-looking boss romances her.
    Porter paints a realistic portrait of a “good woman” who falters under the stress of everyday life and is torn between what feels good and what is good. This is the first novel in a series about a family of strong women.