1. A Revolutionary love story

    RebelClick on the top line of titles to open each item!  The Rebel Pirate: Renegades of the Revolution by Donna Thorland is sexy tale of intrigue, deceit, greed, and espionage set in Boston and Salem during the American Revolutionary War.

    When Susan Ward’s ship is boarded by the British Royal Navy her first thought is not her smuggler’s cargo but to protect her younger brother Ned. But, Commander James Sparhawk quickly sees through her disguise and spots her as woman. In a moment of distraction, Susan and her crew seize Sparhawk as a hostage and flee back to Salem where she lives with her father, once a famous pirate.

    Susan has no desire to be a pirate, but her family is desperately in debt. Smuggling is her last attempt to save her family. James finds himself attracted to feisty young woman. As Susan tries to save her family and James tries to recover his lost ship the two star-crossed lovers are drawn into a web of blackmail and espionage that threatens their lives.       

    Thorland deftly weaves her fiery love story through early events of the American Revolutionary war around the Boston seacoast.  Thorland uses history to set the stage for her romance and to create tension. Her grasp of events is impressive. As a native of Lexington, Massachusetts – who grew up familiar with the events and area – I was alert for errors. Thorland was pitch-perfect in her descriptions of Colonial New England and had a great grasp on events. The Rebel Pirate: Renegades of the Revolution will delight fans of the genre with its blend of romance and suspense.