1. A new twist on a classic

    skinsojpeg.jpgClick on the top line of titles to open each item!  Chances are you grew up with a bottle of Avon’s Skin So Soft bath oil in your house. Before organic and chemical products were so common many chemical-adverse moms even used it as mosquito repellant. Some people still swear by it for that purpose today. I am a mosquito magnet and it has never kept them from biting me. But I love Skin So Soft as bath oil after a long soak. I have been a devotee of beauty oils long before they became trendy. (Google DolceDolce.com beauty oils to find our reviews and picks.) Now this classic has been enriched with jojoba. It still has a soft amber-musk scent with an herbal top note.   Skin So Soft is available in large bottles as well as spray bottles. At $13 or less for 16 ounces it is a classic beauty bargain.