1. A new Aunt Dimity mystery

    Aunt dimityClick on top title to open  Fans of Nancy Atherton’s popular series will love Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well. It is the latest book featuring Lori Shepard and her beloved ghost Aunt Dimity.

    The story opens with the funeral of one of Lori’s fellow villagers, a quiet man who lived in a secluded cottage. The tight knit Cotswold village of Finch Falls is abuzz when a good looking, tanned Aussie shows up to get the departed man’s affairs in order. No one knew that quiet accountant had a nephew.  When an old wishing well is discovered in the overgrown garden of the dead man’s home the villagers find out that you really must be careful of what you wish for as life in the quiet countryside is disrupted by strange coincidences.

    Atherton has a light touch capturing the foibles of her lovable Finch Falls characters and the charm of village life. The Aunt Dimity books are an example of English cozy mysteries at their best.