1. A hot novel for a cold night

    JetJet is the second novel in Jay Crownover’s popular new Marked Men series. Crownover has reinvented the sexy romance novel in the hip world of Denver’s tattoo artists and Indie rock bands.  Jet is a passionate and tortured love story that will keep readers on edge to the very last page. 

    When Jet and Aydan met they felt an instant attraction. A tipsy Aydan was ready to toss aside her “good girl” reputation and spend the night with the sexy heavy metal singer. But Jet walked away from the stunning young student. He didn’t want to take advantage of her intoxication, but he also feared rejection from the bright young woman on her way up in the world. 

    Jet and Aydan both carry secrets from their childhoods that almost ruin their chance for happiness. 

    In the Marked Men series Crownover creates a vibrant and intriguing subculture populated by tattoo artists, musicians, and students. Her characters are passionate, contemporary, and sexy.  The characters in Jet are the same that Crownover used in her first Marked Man novel, Rule, but the book stands on its own.