1. A holiday romance

    Comfort and Joy by India Knight is a holiday romance as only the Brits pen them. It reads like a cross between Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary. I loved it.  

    Comfort and Joy chronicles the Christmas celebrations and love life of Clara Dunphy and her modern blended family.
    She loves the holidays and does them up properly, with decorations, gifts, feasting, and family and friends. Clara’s gatherings include ex-husbands and ex-in-laws, as well as various friends with own children, boyfriends, and others. 
    Knight has created an unforgettable cast of characters, including Clara’s feisty working-class mother-in-law, Pat, and her own sophisticated, bohemian mother, Kate. Hope, Clara’s man-hungry Facebook-cruising friend, is a character that many readers will recognize.
    Comfort and Joy is a wry muse and moan about the drama and drudgery of   Christmas. Knight captures delightfully the dilemma many women today face trying to balance family with marriage and passion. Comfort and Joy is the perfect way to escape the seasonal frenzy.