1. A cozy gem

    Threats at Three – A Lois Meade Mystery by Ann Purser is sure to delight fans of British “cozy” mysteries. Purser creates a village mystery peopled with contemporary characters with relatable problems. Lois Meade is the village’s amateur “detective”. She runs the local cleaning service. Lois also helps the local police inspector ferret out the truth when things go wrong in the village of Long Farnden. Lois’s husband, Derek, along with the recently-widowed vicar and other residents, are organizing a big fundraising event to renovate the old village hall. As things progress it seems clear someone does not want the hall rebuilt. A young couple, single mother, and sullen teenage boy are caught up in the web of unscrupulous gangsters.

    Anne Purser has captured the charm of the British mystery in a very clever and contemporary way. Her dialogue is fresh and chatty, while her characters are real and appealing. Threats at Three will make you a fan of Lois Meade Mysteries if "British Cozys" are your cuppa.