Blooms Are Back in a Big Way!

It’s hard to believe that spring is here and fashion is blooming with fabulous floral frocks and bedecked hats.
Metallics may be hot and sexy, but florals are romantic and demure. You can wear them in a restrained way if you are tailored and sporty; think a chic Hermes scarf in a botanical motif and soft trendy pink lip. Or if you are a more of girly-girl, you can splash out in a dreamy dress. You’ll find romantic floral prints in Italian silk at your favourite fine department store or in cotton by the score at Old Navy. There is something pretty and playful for everyone’s budget. For casual afternoons, pair a flowered sandal with your favourite jeans and a crisp white T.

A dreamy dress in Italian Silk

The catwalk creations of Phillip Tracey - British hat designer to stars and royals - were madly extravagant. A riot of silk blooms. Be inspired to try decorating your hat, bag, shoes, or whatever with fabulous silk flowers. Not creative in a hands-on way? Simply pin a gorgeous flower to something you love. Stick to something plain and not too fussy to avoid the “corsage look.” Think Carrie in Sex and the City.
Blooms are back in a big way. One fabulous online source of top grade, but not crafty-looking, fashionable fleurs is Gorgeous selection. Lucky ladies living in New York, Toronto, and San Francisco may already know that there are wonderful sources for these items in their cities’ fabric districts.
Tip: Sew or glue pins to the backs of flowers and pin them to the item for easy cleaning. When you are bored with the trend, just unpin leaving no nasty threads or damage behind.
Why should the flower trend stop with fashion? If you love to garden or arrange flowers, check out Flower Magazine . This new magazine just for flowers has lots of charm. Its premiere issue has great stories on roses in Nova Scotia, Cornelia Guest, daughter and heiress of legendary garden columnist C.Z. Guest, and more. It’s a taste of spring, just as the crocuses start to appear.
Flowers are inspiring. That may be why almost everyone loves them and they never go out of style.
Finding new ways to use and arrange them, making them last, and realizing you deserve them are the tricks. I invite you take a minute and think about your favourite flowers - what you really prefer. I bet it’s been a while. What do you like to plant? To receive? To give? To arrange? What is your favourite floral scent? Type of vase? It’s not an unpleasant subject.

Simple and subtly-sexy dress. The perfect foil for floral.
Stunning photo cards by our own Karin Pacione that can be ordered in any combination

Vintage Gardenia soap and candles from Jo Malone for botanical Glam.

Sweet smelling soap and candles can make even mundane moments a meditation in beauty and peace. Gift yourself or a friend.
Just two or many are always a lovely thought.

Fashion, Life and Style

Fashionable Appeal that Doesn’t Fade

Carefully chosen and pristine vintage accessories have never been hotter. If you like the floral trend, think about accenting your look with a classic Hermes or Gucci scarf, or maybe a pastel Chanel bag.
Delightfully dazzling cocktail rings and huge jewels in floral motifs adorned the wrists and fingers of willowy models on and off the catwalk this season.
Gorgeous Kenneth Jay Lane Ring – Two Trends!

Where can you find your fashion treasure? European cities such as London, Paris and Rome are known for their vintage shops. So if you are traveling soon, research and plan time for shopping. Prague is known for vintage jewelry, especially Art Deco. If you are going there you may want to become familiar with their particular style and current market. Aficionado friends tell me there are still good buys to be had for the savvy shopper.
Closer to home, check out eBay. It’s a trove of reliable sellers. Also take a look at

Making Your Flowers Last Longer

According to florists, you can do several things to make your flowers last longer.
· When you get your flowers home, recut the stems at an angle to expose more of the surface. Most specialists agree that a sharp knife works best, and cutting under water is unnecessary.
· Remove all leaves from stems that will be submerged in water
· Use the packet of flower fresh that comes with flowers or pick some up, if you’re buying or growing your own fresh flowers. It helps kill bacteria in the vase and the blooms last longer. Changing the water in your vase and cleaning the vase if necessary will keep flowers fresher longer.
· Storing flowers in a cool - not cold - place at night will help prolong their life.
· Droopy tulips – if they’re still fresh - may stand up again if you plunge their recut stems into very warm water and then rest them on a damp newspaper. The warm-to-hot water forces the water up the stems and lifts the heads. This only works on fresh tulips and only when you are lucky.
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Bat Your Eye Lashes
and be a Venus Man-Trap

Lash extensions are not news to us. We discovered them about two years ago, but now trend is red hot!
In cities such as Los Angeles, London, New York, and Toronto, it’s become commonplace. Our favourite eyelash expert is Fong Wang
She puts the lashes on fast, customizes them, and is reasonably priced.
The extensions come in brown or black and are available individually or in clusters. The individual lashes look more natural, but the clusters are more va va va voom! They also come in different lengths. The glue used is basically harmless but stings, so expect your eyes to water especially the first time. The glue is the same everywhere I have been and the watering varies from person to person. It’s a minor problem for most people.

Lash extensions stay on for up to two weeks on average, depending on your habits. DolceDolce’s Anne Gravel is a devotee and has kept hers on for up to a month through sheer will and careful eye-makeup removal techniques. You won’t need mascara and you’ll have eyes as sexy as Marilyn Monroe's.
Not in Toronto, but want to try lash extensions? Look for a salon where you can get a good personal recommendation. Be careful. As with any personal service, hygiene and training are very important!
Not ready to commit to extensions, but you still want to ease your lash-envy? M.A.C has an incredible selection of lashes and make-up artists who will show you how to put them on. Or if you are as bad at it as I am, have them do it for you!
Looking for lushness in seconds at a silly price, darling? Try N.Y.C. New York Color pre-glued lashes. They look fabulous if you get it right, and cost under $5. Practice.


Calling All Women Chefs

Olivado, maker of fabulous avocado oil, is having a contest for women chefs – 2007 Olivado Avocado Oil Chef Quest: Celebrating Women Chefs. It has fab prizes - including trips to Australia! The contest is open to professional women chefs. Check out for details. If you know a great women chef, send it on to her quickly; the contest closes April 13th. She’ll thank you.

This week’s recipe includes avocado oil. It’s light in taste and full of anti-oxidants. Perfect for when you want a lighter (tasting - calories are the same!) oil than extra virgin olive oil.

Tangy Asian Vinaigrette for a Simple Green Salad

Mix together: 1/3 cup seasoned rice wine sushi vinegar, ¼ cup avocado oil with 1 tsp sesame oil (dark) and ½ tsp. of salt. Pour over green salad. Add a chopped green onion, if you have it. Enjoy something different in seconds darling. This is great with grilled salmon.
Another week gone already. Spring is here, snow still some places withstanding. It will go soon. Wish it away. Plan your garden, buy some flowers, arrange a bouquet, and put out some nice soap. I know I’ll do a few of those things. One is enough to brighten your week. I can’t manage the lashes - except for special occasions - but they are delicious looking and I am always tempted!
Until next week please remember to sign-up to DolceDolce if you haven’t already – we’re free – and please forward us to a friend. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!
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