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Strong, Smart Women – Have Heart
Too fat at to be fit? Too thin to be healthy? Women around the world are preoccupied with weighty issues these days. I can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the television without someone being ticked-off about weight. But where to weigh-in on this issue? It’s not so simple – at least not to me.
I understand we have a nation of little girls preoccupied with dieting when I watch a chat show and see teenyboppers earnestly confiding their “fear of fat” stories. I have seen anorexics and known bulimics -- and it isn’t pretty. I am certainly not discounting the pain of this disorder.
As a fashion magazine editor, I have also known my share of models and actresses. Some of them – actually many of them -- are naturally thin. Some diet. Thin women on runways and in magazines are facts of fashion.
I doubt anyone is any thinner than Twiggy was in her heyday. Yet eating disorders did not figure prominently in stories or histories of the 60’s. I think what’s going on is more than just “fashion.” Many doctors who specialize in eating disorders indicate these disorders are more complicated than a desire to be “fashionable”.
At the same time, obesity is running rampant. The World Health Organization reports it is even emerging in developing countries such as China.
The American Heart Association has just released new guidelines. The AMA says women have a higher risk of developing heart disease than they think they do and should take early action to prevent heart attack and stroke.
It is safe to say that Canadian women share this risk, given similarities in lifestyle and diet. Anyone doubting this should check Health Canada stats!
Now, here is a frightening thought: heart attack and stroke are now the Number One killers of North American women -- and just old women.
I think being concerned about a healthful approach to life and all that it entails is where sensible women should weigh in on the question of weight.
The guidelines emphasize the importance of a “heart-smart” or healthful lifestyle for everyone – and sooner not later. That means low fat, lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and exercise. They also mention not relying on vitamins or supplements to prevent heart attack. So smart -- so not glam!
The key is early education about nutrition and fitness. Women rail about the pressure to be thin and the cruelty to fat people, which is all of course unacceptable and destructive. But the fact remains, we need to teach women how to eat and exercise from an early age to prevent the problems. We also should support those who need to break addictions and learn new health habits.
People who are fit and healthy have a good self-image. They don’t have to starve themselves and are less likely to engage in other unhealthful behavior -- all things being equal. Unfortunately, physical aspects of life get harder as you age, wisdom notwithstanding. A strong body and healthy habits make the unavoidable challenges of aging easier.
So why don’t we stop all the distracting chit-chat about models and being “too thin” or “too fat” and start raising, and being, strong smart women. See you at the gym!
Want to find out how healthy your heart is? Check the numbers at
Image: Margie Barr
At First Blush
Blush like a Rose in Bloom
Why do we blush? Because we are excited, embarrassed, or turned on. A natural blush is sign of youth, health, and heightened sexuality. Blush applied to your face should be just as natural, sheer, and luminous as the one nature gave you. Streaking hard, dry colours just broadcasts that the rose is blown. Crème Blush by NYX Cosmetics is sheer warm colour that glides over your face leaving a luminous glow. We love hot pink! So go ahead blush at full bloom.

Something that Screams You!
Just a few little things are all it takes to make you look new and now. Think about shoes or a sash. Try something fun and maybe a little fou that screams now and you.
Pick up a pair of flat shoes, little French schoolgirl shoes. Think shiny patents with a bow, or little Audrey Hepburn ballet flats that girls that have always worn in Greenwich Village.
Lacoste Spring Line
Image: Karin Pacione

Be romantic in a delicate lace blouse, something new and floaty with an empire waist, or a little vintage number with ruffles at the neck just like Elie Tahari made.
Don’t forget to get a miniskirt. Something playful and short. Look for A-line, a gay line like what Mary Quant and Twiggy wore.
Finally, ask yourself how fabulous are your jeans? Do they make you feel slim, sexy, and chic? Or is it time for something new? Something that makes you feel a bit more sleek?

Renew your look, refresh your spirit, darlings. Spring is almost in the air! Pull on your boots and pick up your umbrella. Let’s will the last of this nasty weather away and shop into spring.
Drop-Dead Dress
Ask any designer this season and they will tell you one of the must-have items this spring is a fabulous frock. Every women should have an outfit that is dead-simple to put on and drop-dead gorgeous to wear. So unless you never – and darling that is a very longtime – wear dresses, look at these two little numbers from Narcissist Design. The Andrea and the Pamela are fabulous, easy-to-wear sexy frocks you can dress up or down. They pack like a dream -- the wrinkles fall out -- and they look great on curvy and not-so-curvy bodies. It must be magic.
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Green - Go Ahead: Buy the Bracelet and Send Something Back
50% of net profits of the Green Bracelet only will go to DEF
Have you seen the Academy Award-nominated Blood Diamond, the riveting Hollywood blockbuster starring Leo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, and Djimon Hounsou, about the conflict diamonds out of Africa? It’s a hot topic.
The Simmons Jewelry Collection’s -- co-owed by Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons (Baby Phat)-- new Green Initiative collection is bound to be a hot must-have item among fashion and music industry trendsetters. Coinciding with launch of the new line, Mr. Simmons also announced the creation of the Diamond Empowerment Fund. The DEF is an international, non-profit organization, with a mission to raise money for educational programs to uplift the people and communities of Africa.
Mr. Simmons created both projects after traveling to Botswana and South Africa. Half of the net profits from each bracelet and 25 percent of the net profits from the rest of The Green Initiative line will go to fund D.E.F.
Each bracelet is made of African green malachite, with a certified conflict-free rough diamond. The line will be available in March. The bracelets have already been seen on the wrists of Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Eddie Murphy, Penelope Cruz, Jon Voight, Chris Tucker, Gabrielle Union, T.I. and others. Gorgeous bracelet, lovely idea.
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Stick Your Image Darling

We love images at DolceDolce. We are mad about pictures, and positively insane about prints! So we thought VistaPrint’s new personalized picture sticky notes were cute. Put your face, kids, or pet – darling, you tell me – on a pad of sticky notes. The first pad is free – how sweet is that? This has grandparent gift all over it. or

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A Quick and Chic Bite with Drinks
½ baguette or 2 mini-baguettes - fresh and sliced into thin slices
1 jar of fig spread
4 oz. / 250 grams thinly sliced Parma ham (buy a bit more ham if you want)
4 oz. / 250 grams good quality creamy goat cheese –avoid strong garlic flavours.
Spread the slices of bread with the fig spread, then add the Parma ham. Top it all with small lump of goat cheese.
Place the finished pieces on cookie sheet. Bake in hot oven 450F/230C on the middle rack till the cheese is bubbling. Watch carefully; it takes only a few minutes. A bit sweet, salty, creamy and crispy!
There it is, darlings -- another week gone. So please forward DolceDolce to a friend (it takes a second) and please sign-up if you haven’t already. We’re free! Shop for a dress, put on some blush, and don’t worry about your weight just live smart and well – it’s the best any of us can do. Because life should be sweet.
Gracey Hitchcock

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