1. Liquid soap with pure essential oils

    Liquid soap is wonderful for many reasons. It is hygienic and easy to use. But it is hard to find liquid soap that is as wonderful to use as fine bar soap. Too often liquid soaps are too harsh. Even “natural” or “organic” brands can sting and dry out your skin. And, they often have strange scents. Boutique brands with lovely scents are costly for daily use. EO Everyone is only $9.99 for 32 ounces and little goes a long way.
    EO Everyone Soap smells and feels fabulous. The versatile liquid soap comes unscented or scented with EO’s pure essential oils. It is the perfect soap for bathing and hand washing for whole family.
    There are three great light scents in addition to the unscented version. I love the Lavender-Aloe.