1. Serious anti-aging eye cream!

    Women constantly ask me for the best eye cream. I tell them it depends on their concerns. Some women, especially younger women are troubled with dark circles and puffiness. But as we age, problems in the eye area are more complex. The skin loses elasticity, fine lines develop, and some women have issues with hyperpigmentation.
    Renovage Cellular Eye Repair from Osmotics is an eye cream for mature skin. It has clinically-proven ingredients to improve the appearance of fine lines and to help slow down skin damage. And it is rich and creamy, to help keep dry, thin skin moist and dewy.
    The secret is Renovage, which is also known as teprenone or geranylgeranone GGA. It is a “heat-shock protein inducer” that helps to protect the cells from DNA damage from free-radicals, inflammation, and stress.
    It also contains powerful anti-oxidants, botanicals, and vitamins, as well as plant-derived Squalane, Shea butter, and evening primrose oil to reduce the signs of aging and help keep the eye area supple and moist. This is a serious eye cream that won’t irritate sensitive skin or eyes.