1. Interactive makeup

        EyeDoll Chatter is a new interactive line of makeup for young teens that older women love, too. The natural, paraben-free mineral makeup kits of shadows, blushes, and lip glosses have fruity scents. 
    Young women like the fun packaging and interactive appeal of sharing their looks online. Older women get hooked on the light, transparent texture and all-natural ingredients.
    As an added twist, EyeDoll Chatter users can communicate via text, Facebook, or Twitter, thanks to EyeDoll Chatter’s free iPhone app.   The cute kits contain six items each. The small containers make them ideal for evening bags and travel too. The eye and cheek kits have three all-natural colors and three-scented shimmers. The lip kits have three colored glosses and three scented balms. www.EyeDollChatter.com this is a perfect starter makeup line for tweens, but older women will be tempted too.