1. Keep dry winter skin looking and feeling moist

    The Resurgance line from Murad Skincare is designed to combat aging as it helps to restore moisture and firmness. It is also fabulous for keeping skin moist and fresh looking in dry winter weather.
    I am not normally a fan of toners, but the Hydrating Toner, from Murad is great for rehydrating skin all day long. I like to keep an extra bottle on my desk to spritz my face and ward off caky makeup and flaky skin. The lecithin it contains helps to lock in moisture, and the fine mist does not disturb my makeup.
    Also from the Resurgance line, Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream pampers parched skin with beneficial anti-aging ingredients. It locks in moisture for up to eight hours with a rich formula that contains avocado, sunflower and olive fruit oils.  It helps to restore the skin’s moisture and firmness with Retinyl Palimate, Shea butter and a special collagen booster.
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