1. Louboutin mani

    Adele's Louboutin Mani!Celebrities like Adele and Rihanna have made sparkling long nails all the rage. They are sexy and fun for night pout.
    Follow these easy steps from the experts at Nailtini to recreate Adele’s "Louboutin Mani":
    Trying to paint the underside of your natural nail might be difficult and too messy to work with, even for skilled professionals. Use artificial nails or tips instead. Trim or file your natural nail down so it can’t be seen over the tip of your finger. Size artificial nails to all 10 fingers and set aside.
    Paint the underside of each nail/tip with two coats of classic red Nailtini Bloody Mary and allow the polish to dry completely.
    ** 1-2 drops of nail glue to artificial nail and press onto nail bed holding in place until it sets. Repeat for all nails. Quick tip: Be careful not to use too much glue, if you don’t want it seeping out the sides.
    Paint tops of nails with your choice of lacquer.  
    To mimic Adele’s Louboutin nail, embellish with rhinestones or a glitter topcoat like Nailtini Sparkler. Be sure to finish with a Dry Martini so you’re limo-ready in a flash.
    Nailtini is a line of trendy and unique mix and match nail lacquers and lip colours you "cocktail" for your own original look.
    www.tinibeauty.com and beauty boutiques

    **DolceDolce Tip

    If you don’t want to fiddle with nail glue, use the new press-on nails they are easy to apply and stay on well for a night or two.