1. A haunting love story

    The House I Loved is a haunting love story byTatiana de Rosnay, the author of the bestselling novel, Sarah’s Key.
    The story opens Paris in 1860. Emperor Napoleon III and Baron Haussmann are building "modern Paris" as we know it today. To make way for scenic wide boulevards, many small medieval neighborhoods are torn down and thousands of people are uprooted. Families are forced out of the homes where their families had lived for generations.
    The House I Loved  tells the story of one house and one family through letters Rose Brazlet writes to her beloved husband, even though he is dead. As her neighbourhood falls around her, Rose tenderly recalls their life together. She tells him about the friends she made after his death, and how she learned to cope with her grief.
    As her friends flee the rubble consuming her neighbourhood, Rose refuses to leave the house that holds the memories of her life and loves.
    Some critics complain that this poignant love story, with it delicate plot twists, is disappointing and lacks drama. I disagree.
    The House that I loved  is a quiet and unforgettable love story. If you love Paris, lovely old houses, and are a true romantic, put his book on your must-read list.