1. Destiny knows her name–Chatting with Zoe Myers

    Recently I attended the launch of Zoe Myers’ new music video and single “Destiny Knows My Name.” The song, written by Zoe and Raumin Tadayon, premiered at a star-studded event in Atlanta. The young, effervescent singer and actress looked stunning in a short shimmery party dress. The event celebrated her new video and her birthday.

    Zoe lives in Los Angeles, but she is currently working in Atlanta shooting an independent feature film called Truth Seekers: The Music of Souls. Zoe’s latest Hollywood project, a new television series titled “Game Night,”  was released in December.
    Here’s a DolceDolce look at the party, and Zoe:
    Zoe also shared a few of her fashion and beauty secrets with me, as well as the source of her inspiration.
    DD: What inspires your music?
    ZM: Everyday life inspires a lot of my lyrics. It’s almost like writing in a diary. It feels great to get things out on paper. Sometimes I am inspired by my friends’ stories, or a movie I saw, or anything! 
    DD: How do you like acting? Is it a different energy than recording?
    ZM: I just love performing in general! But acting is my favorite. I love being able to take my life experiences and use them to connect to a character. The raw energy that comes alive while taping a scene for a film is amazing. I love recording songs as well. It’s always fun to see all the pieces (music, lyrics, vocals, etc.) come together to create a final project.
    DD: How would you describe your own style?
    ZM: It’s hard to describe my style in just a few words. It changes every day! I dress according to how I feel. I like to think that it’s a little bit Southern, a little edgy, and sometimes girly. Or I have days when I feel sportier or more "rock-n-roll." I have some signature things that I like to add to outfits, like my many pairs of knee-high boots, studded heels, high-waisted belts, or fun earrings. I love accessories! I love fringe, studs, sequins, feathers, things that lace up!
    DD: What are your three fashion must-haves?
    ZM:  A killer pair of shoes (either a pair of boots as I mentioned above, or some heels), belt/earrings/necklace. And I usually try to carry a jacket with me wherever I go. I love my black or tan leather jackets!
    DD: What is the secret to your fitness routine?
    ZM: I like to keep things interesting! I’m not a big runner. I’d rather take a dance class, or Zumba, cardio barre, etc., or self-defense, like Krav Maga or kickboxing. 
    DD: What are your best fashion or beauty tips?
    ZM:I usually keep mascara and a lip/cheek stain in my purse. If I’m really in a crunch I can go from a day-look to a night-look with just those two products! You can give your lips AND cheeks a little color then you can swipe on some mascara (no look is complete without it!). Also, make sure you always have the appropriate under garments for your outfit. No panty lines please!
    DD: What is always in your handbag?
    ZM: If I am going out and decide to only carry a tiny clutch, I usually just have my lip gloss, mascara, credit card, and cash in it. In my big, everyday handbag, I keep a little emergency kit with a shout-wipe, tiny perfume sample, nail polish remover pad, etc. in it.   I never know when I might have a last minute audition or event to attend, so I try to be prepared! My absolute "cannot live-without" though, is lip balm! 
    To hear a sample of “Destiny Knows My Name”: