1. The love life of Louisa May

    If you grew up reading Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women you’ll adore these two new books based on the popular writer. 

    Louisa and the Missing Heiress by Anna MacLean is the first whodunit in a series. MacLean’s Louisa is a resourceful amateur detective, as well as an aspiring author. She is out to solve the mystery of her childhood friend’s murder. The book has a cast of famous Bostonians including her famous philosopher father, Bronson Alcott. This is a fast-paced and charming mystery with the flavour of an Alcott tale.
    The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O’Conner McNees places the young single writer in New Hampshire for a summer. The Alcott family has taken refuge there with relatives for the summer. Louisa has yet to become successful, and although intellectually well-regarded, Bronson Alcott never earned a good living for his family as a lecturer.
    Using letters and diaries, O’Connor has created a fictional romance for the young Louisa. She paints the picture of a headstrong intellectual woman who is determined not to spend her life in domestic drudgery.
    I grew up on Alcott’s books, just 20 minutes from the family’s final home in Concord, Massachusetts. I visited the area often as a teenager. I found O’Connor to be pitch-perfect in her depiction of the Alcott family, their friends, and the era. The book is charming, and her speculation is interesting.