1. 24 karat beauty the ultimate luxury

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    I recently tried a sample of the ultra-luxurious OROGOLD 24K Cryogenic Pearl Revival Elixir. It uses a combination of 24K Gold and Mother of Pearl (extract) to rejuvenate dull dry skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Gold is said to benefit skin by reducing inflammation which is a major cause of all aging. Mother of Pearl is full of skin-nourishing amino acids. The OROGOLD 24K Cryogenic Collection contains gold, pearls and diamonds. The light serum feels and smells wonderful. It also contains Retinyl palmitate and Vitamin E. 

    OROGOLD 24K Cryogenic Pearl Revival Elixir is meant to be used twice a month with your regular skin care routine to give dull skin a “boost”.  There are five products in the line including a mask. I am very impressed with the OROGOLD 24K Cryogenic Pearl Revival Elixir. I used it right after a painful outpatient procedure that left me exhausted. It felt wonderful and it did give my skin an instant boost of radiance.


    It costs $600.