Natural looking full-cover foundation

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Oxygenetix breathable foundation was created for

use after laser treatments or other procedures.

It contains what the company calls  their “patented Ceravitae

pro-oxygen complex (that) stimulates skin cell production

and helps support the healing process following most procedures.

Oxygenetix Foundation also contains an Aloe barbadensis gel-base, vitamin E, grape seed tea, salix alba extract and more.

I was given a small sample after a light Halo laser treatment.

I also given a full-size  sample of the company’s Oxygenating Pro-healing Moisturizer.

The moisturizer felt a bit  stingy but the foundation felt great.

It covered all the little “bronze bumps”.

Recently, I received a full-size  sample of the foundation.

I wanted to see  it looked and felt on my skin without the laser after effects.

Oxygenetix breathable foundation is an excellent full- to-medium coverage foundation.

It blends well and stays on without getting cakey. I like that it blends to cover small areas of redness so you needn’t cover your whole face with makeup. I dislike heavy concealer and this is perfect flawless looking coverage that blends out easily. Unlike many other foundations that offer coverage Oxygenetix breathable foundation doesn’t look flat or cakey. It is sheer and your skin can still glow through.