Get the Good Glow!

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Summer is the time to glow. 

 jane iredale’s new 

The Good Glow collection features

three multi-color shimmer bronzers,

a tinted SPF 15 lip balm, and tinted dry sunscreens for face,

body and scalp giving you a subtle, sexy sun-kissed radiance.

Each of the new jane iredale Good Glow bronzers contains

four luxurious shades that can be mixed and matched and swept across eyes,

lips and cheeks for contouring, highlighting or an all-over glow.

Apply them dry or mixed with moisturizer or hair gel for a dramatic shimmer effect.  As with all jane iredale products the ingredients are naturals and include: Mica for glide, Pine Bark Extract for potent antioxidant protection and Pomegranate Extract for antioxidant protection and natural preservation.

There are there three flattering combinations:  JaneIredaleSummerGlow

Moonglow in warm golden shades.

Sunbeam Bronzer in luminous pink and copper shades.

Rose Dawn keeps in cool pink/bronze shades.

These are sold as compact refills for $44 each.

The Rose Gold Jane Iredale compact is sold separately for $18.

  is a sheer, moist, peachy pink way to keep lips looking pretty and protected.  This petroleum-free lip balm hydrates as it provides physical SPF 15 protection and a powerful blend of antioxidants, Green Tea Extracts and Vitamins C and E to shield lips from free radical damage.

All jane iredale SPF products, including the new Flirt LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm and Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreens, are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective daily sunscreens.  Chemical-free broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen in 3 shades is a perfect, grease-free way to protect oily, acne-prone, or very sensitive skin.  It is also great for scalps. The power-me will provides scalp sun protection and will also give fine hair a little body in wilting temperatures.




Real acne advice!

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Some acne advice such as treating pimples with toothpaste, alcohol and other harsh agents is just plain scary and can damage your skin.  Stripping skin and applying harsh, or even toxic chemicals like acetone to your skin, can make acne and oil worse. 

In honor of Acne Awareness month try these MD-approved blemish beaters from our experts: 

 Image: Sciton’s Forever Clear Broad Band Light (BBL) Before and after treatment

Tretinoin: This prescription retinoid helps to regulate the skin cells, decrease oil production, and even lightens the dark stains that acne can leave behind. 

If you want an over-the-counter solution to try Benzoyl Peroxide is an oldie but goody! This tried and tested anti-acne topical helps kill bacteria on the skin that is related to acne formation. 

Cure Adult Acne at the Speed of Light with an IPL facial.

 “Not a week goes by when I don’t hear several patients complaining of adult acne breakouts,” says Mark Schwartz, MD, FACS, NYC Plastic Surgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. “My patients have been getting great results with Sciton’s Forever Clear Broad Band Light (BBL). It is a really innovative alternative to topical treatments. In a 15 minute session the blue light wavelength (420 nm) is passed over the affected areas to attack the acne producing bacteria in the pores.” 

Nix the Alcohol – Steer clear of preservatives such as parabens, and alcohol-based acne medications. Parabens can trigger an allergic reaction in susceptible people, and cause an irritating, itchy rash. Alcohol is drying to the skin and because the other active ingredients are already somewhat drying, the combination of those ingredients and alcohol can be doubly tough for skin to tolerate. 

Ditch the white stuff!

Diet doesn’t cause ace but Research indicates that processed foods like white breads and sugary drinks are thought to trigger the production of androgens, a hormone responsible for oil production. A low glycemic index will help decrease breakouts.



Beach Bag musts

Click the topmost title to openAQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel,

Headed to the beach to escape the city heat?

Here are a few things you really want to toss in your beach bag

to keep your skin and hair looking fab!


 AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel is my new must have hair tool!

It is better than a towel!   This little towel-turban helps prevent

damage to colour- treated or processed hair.

New generation Aquitex improves absorbency and comfort.

The hand button turban wraps and tucks easily, leaving hands free while hair dries.

This special fabric causes less friction, minimizing frizz and damage.DDF Weighless oil free SPF45

After all it is friction that breaks hair and makes it look awful.

This is a no frizz way to dry your hair! I also that it stays on my head without toppling off!



SPF and hydrate!

Most day creams and anti-aging products have too low an SPF to be effective.

DDF Weightless Defense Oil-Free Hydrator with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45

protects and hydrates skin. I also love the non-greasy look and feel!


Josie Maran 100% Pure Argon Oil Light is perfect for summer.

Josie’s Argan Light oil is organic and straight from the source in Morocco.Josie Maran light argan oil

It is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Carry it in your bag and use it to hydrate your skin and also heal and

condition everything from cuticles to split ends.

Apply it to soothe dry skin and dry hair after being in the sun all day.





Function meets fashion

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Function meets fashion

bkr is a glass water bottle with a coloured silicone sleeve. It is designed

for those who don’t like cheap and ugly things.

These beautiful, soft bottles are inspired by runway trends in New York,

London, Paris, and Milan. They are also BPA-free and phthalate-free.

Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon,

Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba – all adore BKR, the bottle that makes it chic to stay hydrated.


I like mine too. I have always preferred glass.BKR group

It doesn’t retain odor or flavours. The soft colours and texture of bkr is elegant and pleasing.


In comes in 3 sizes:


Big (1 liter) $45


Little (500 ml) $35


Teeny (250 ml) $28






Natural beauty!

Nubian Heritage and WaxileneClick topmost title to open

We love skin care that is good for us.

Ancient rituals and products that aren’t toxic

Beauties want today. And if they are also a bargain

– so much the better.

Here are few of our new favourites

Renew your skin daily with dry brushing. This ancient skin treatment has Ayurveda roots.

It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Advocates of dry skin brushing say it also

promotes better digestion and circulation. I have found it is a fast way to smoother, prettier skin.

Recently, I tried a sample of the Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush.

I really liked this one, I have tried different dry skin brushes

it was not too harsh for my delicate skin.

The removal handle that allowed me to use the brush both ways.

Dry Brushing has been used for centuries as a beauty and health treatment.


Yerba Prima Tampico Skin BrushThe makers of the Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush say,

“Dry skin brushing is one of the best ways to cleanse the skin without removing the

protective mantle of acid and oils. It gently and effectively removes the top layer of

dead skin cells with its build-up of dirt and acid, and deeply cleanses the pores.


“Skin brushing is also used by spas and beauty salons as part of a program for

removing cellulite. Many women comment that their skin starts to look and feel

smoother within a week or two after starting to use the Tampico Skin Brush.”


It costs about $7 and the shipping costs vary.

Find it online at:

It is also available at other online retailers and Wholefoods.

Nubian Heritage is another line guided by ancient beauty traditions.

The founders began mixing their formulas at home in Harlem and selling them on the streets.

They describe their inspiration as, “Guided- by the legacy of ancient Nubia,

the world’s first melting pot and we remix global healing traditions into modern wellness solutions.”


I recently tried a few of their deliciously scented products.

Coconut & Papaya Body Wash cleanses

with nourishing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soften. Papaya enzyme gently exfoliate

This is a super soft, moisturising body wash. It smells delicious.


Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap combines Shea Butter with soothing

Palm Ash, Plantain Peel, Tar and Tamarind Extract to minimize the appearance of

superficial skin imperfections. I love deep cleansing black soap.

Black soap is especially refreshing and soothing in the hot summer months.

Skin is left super clean but dried out. Black soap always looks super sexy in the shower too.


Some dermatologists recommend Petroleum Jelly for dry cracked skin.

I just can’t do it. I don’t want any kind of Petrol on my skin – especially on my lips

I don’t want eat anything connected to Petrol!


Waxelene creates the same waterproof barrier that petroleum jelly does but does not contain

any petroleum products or hydrogenated oils.

Waxelene is made of natural beeswax and the highest quality organic oils.

In addition to being to being a “Honey” of a lip balm you can use it on dry,

cracked hands, feet and anywhere you need soothing and protecting.

You can also use it to give lips, lips, or brows a little sheen.

Waxelene is available in both lip tubes and glass jars.

It contains only 4 ingredients: organic soybean oil, natural & unbleached

raw beeswax, organic vitamin E oil, and organic rosemary oil that

can be used on all different skin types. It is even safe for babies!



Red, White and Berry Watermelon Cooler

 DolceDolce Red  White WatermelonClick the topmost title to open

A Signature cocktail is fun and easy way to entertain.

Set up your bar with wine, beer, soft drinks, water and one stand out cocktail for

a fabulous summer soiree or afternoon BBQ.

Smirnoff Red, White & Berry is a limited edition vodka infused with

cherry, citrus and blue raspberry. It is even more refreshing with fresh watermelon juice, lime, and mint.

Try our Red, White and Berry Watermelon Cooler at your next party.

Red, White and Berry Watermelon Cooler

Liquefy, strain and chill the juice from one fresh cut,

seedless watermelon, use only half a melon if the one you have is large.

1 ½ ounce Smirnoff Red, White & Berry Vodka, chilled

3 ½ ounces fresh watermelon juice

Juice 1 lime per drink

Handful of well rinsed mint leaves

Muddle (smash) some mint with ice in the bottom of

a cocktail shaker, with crushed ice

Add vodka, watermelon

Shake and pour over fresh crushed ice

Garnish with mint and enjoy!




Free State of Jones

Kandi Burruss Gracey Hitchcock 2Click the top most title to open

Recently, I attended the National Première of

Free State of Jones, hosted by

Ambassador Andrew Young and the Andrew J. Young Foundation.

The film stars’ include Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey,

Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keri Russell and Mahershala Ali.


With Atlanta Singer/Reality Star/ Producer Kandi Burruss ( Image Right)


The evening brought out Atlanta’ s influencers and artists

to support film and meet Ambassador Young and

Oscar winning writer-director Gary Ross.

Ambassador Andrew Young and Gary Ross ( Image Right)Ambassador Andrew Young and Gary Ross

Free State of Jones is based on the little known, true story of a racially mixed,

anti-confederate insurgency that successfully fought the Confederacy.

Director Gary Ross did extensive research to write the script.

Ross even became a visiting fellow in American Civilization at Harvard University,

a position created specifically for him. In an interview before the film was shown,

he stressed how important he felt it was to be historically accurate.

He even joked repeatedly about making a film with footnotes and

repeatedly encouraged reporters and viewers to visit the film’s website for more information.

None of this should imply that this is a dull movie – it is not!

This is a riveting tale of rebellion, and passion, as well as a love story.

Free State of Jones tells of Newt Knight a medic in the Confederate

army who deserts after his young teenage nephew dies.

As a deserter, Newt is forced to leave his family and take refuge in the

swamps of Louisiana with runaway slaves.


Eventually, the angry and resourceful Knight leads an insurgency of runaway

slaves and yeoman farmers. The runaway slaves and farmers fight together to defeat the Confederacy

and drive out the hated slave-owners.


History has neglected the roll this mixed race rebellion against the Confederacy.

The divisions in the Civil War are most often portrayed as being a conflict of values

and interests between the North and the South. There has been little discussion of

the white farmers who resented having to defend the interests of wealthy slave owners.


This ambitious film continues into the Reconstruction Period when free black men had to fight

to exercise their right to vote. Blacks were often terrorised and murdered by the Ku Klux Klan.

The role that former slaves played in securing their own hard won

freedom has been very limited.


Don’t miss this powerful historical drama with themes that still resonate today.

Life should sweet but you need work at it too.

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