Jane Iredale Beauty Prep

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If your makeup fades away then you will want to try Jane Iredale’s Beauty Pre Face Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer.

It has been designed to optimize the wear and longevity of mineral makeup.

According to the company each product, “prepares, protects and plumps skin full of

hydration so makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer.”

I tried them and I loved them. I couldn’t get enough of organic Lemon Grass Scent – it is addictive.

The three step- no-rinse process feels different but it gets your face clean.

Those with super dry or sensitive skin may really love this. I tried this when I

was very sick with the flu and it was so soothing,


The BeautyPrep Face Cleanser is no-rinse cleansing micellar water

and all-over makeup remover with dual Cucumber Extracts in liposome form. $28


The second step is the BeautyPrepFace Toner. It contains organic

Lemon Grass, Apple, Pear, Carrot and Coconut Water. It is designed to  “balance pH and restore the surface of the skin.” $33


The final hydrating step is BeautyPrepFace Moisturizer. According

to Jane Iredale, “This soothing cream moisturizes skin and helps prevent

water from evaporating from skin while also protecting it from airborne pollutants. Makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer.”


This very light moisturizer contains four organic Rose Stem Cell Extracts:

This very light moisturizer contains four organic Rose Stem Cell Extracts:

White Rose supports natural cell regeneration and the skin barrier, while restoring suppleness.

Damask Rose helps to tighten pores, purify and smooth the skin.

Rosa Canina (Rosehips) calms and brightens skin and helps prevent transepidermal water loss.

Pale Rose helps to rebuild the moisture barrier and provide suppleness for the appearance of newer, softer skin.


I seldom use cream on my own skin; I prefer oils because many creams

sit on the surfaces or even make film. I was shocked at how moist and dewy the BeautyPrepFace Moisturizer

left my skin. It was amazing. And I love the natural scent of lemon grass.

This trio leaves skin feeling very soft and makeup does seem to stay fresh longer.

I love it for the moist, dewy freshness it gives my skin. $45

Try it this March!


Jane Iredale products are recommended by many dermatologists because they use natural, non-irritating ingredients. The cleanser and toner are both awarded the ECOCERT Natural Cosmetics certification.


Workout essentials!

Scuni Hair emergency kit

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If, like me, you work out in the middle of the day then you know the value of a well-packed gym bag. class

or to repair a fallen do after. The little pouch holds:  12 bobby pins, 2 elastics, 1 head wrap,

1 jaw clip and 12 polybands. It’s all easy on your hair, so you don’t end up with spits!




A better way to Dry Shampoo


When you use dry shampoo with the right brush your hair looks and feels fresher!

CONAIR Dry Shampoo Brush is designed with a combination of boar and nylon bristles.Conair Dry Shampoo Brush

The boar bristles, in the center of the brush, help to distribute dry shampoo through the hair, removing oil and residue. The brush’s outer nylon bristles add lift to maximize volume.


RENE FURTERER NATURIA dry shampoo is made with highly absorbent argilla powder (a type of clay) and scented with essential oils. I have tried many dry shampoos; and this is still one of my favourites because it leaves my hair feeling so light and clean.




Prevent body breakouts


If you can’t get a shower in after class –and it happens –be sure to have a pack of wipes in your bag. Using a wipe on areas where you are prone to break out can help prevent problems, which sweat can aggravate.  Also, using Gentle organic wipes to cleanse underarms makes deodorant more effective.


These wipes are about $5 or $6 dollars for a package of 30.

Find them online or in drugstores.


Blum Naturals Daily Combination/Oily Thick Novelettes, Organic Tea Tree Oil or Acura Organics, Cleansing Novelettes, For Face & Body, Unscented.


Protect and Enhance


Never leave your skin bare to the elements. Sun screen is essential, even indoors. And if you want healthy, youthful skin, a dose of anti-oxidants to help defend against environmental damage is just good common sense.



Lumene Finland is a skin care line from Finland that combines science with wild Arctic ingredients. The more I see of this well-priced but very sophisticated skin care line, the more I like it. Lumene is sold on line and in drugstores. It offers ingredients found only in very expensive products. The line is nicely packaged and the products feel fabulous on your skin.


Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream has an SPF 20.

It also contains the line’s Artic Cloudberry Extract, which is a potent antioxidant, as well as Lumene’s time-release Vitamin C, to help lighten age spots. 

I love this BB cream because it looks so natural. It smooths fine lines and imperfections but never looks like makeup, even in very bright sunlight.  If you want, or like, heavy foundation, this is not for you. If you like a no makeup look but want a little “smoothing” of redness or other small imperfections, you will love this.

Look for at drugstores.





AHAVA beauty from the Dead Sea

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I have loved the AHAVA skin care line since a friend brought back

a tube of AHAVA DEAD SEA MUD MASK in the 1970’s when the line first launched.


Using the healing minerals of the Dead Sea, the line has only gotten better.

AHAVA OSMOTER FACE CONCENTRATE is a serum that that “boosts hydration, clarity,

and luminosity counteracting the signs of aging”. It contains a concentration of Dead Sea minerals

that have been used to heal skin since ancient times, as well as a special brown algae to brighten skin,

lactic acid, glycerin, aloe and other botanicals and oils. This lightweight serum sinks into your skin

and leaves it soft and hydrated. I love the clean, fresh feeling of AHAVA,

as well as their straight-forward approach to skin care. Their products are effective and luxurious without being extravagant.

If you have been looking for a well-priced anti-aging serum that also tackles age-spots this is definitely one to try.



If you are not currently using a good skin care regime you may want to take advantage of AHAVA’S DEAD SEA OSMOTER SUPERSERUM TRIO.



Remember:  Sun screen is a must to preserve the results of any skin care regime.






Trend alert: A twist on Clique’s popular lip gloss

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The famous gloss is now a 2 in 1 lip treat. Clinique has combined

sugar-smoothing scrub on one side; sheer, tinted moisturizing balm on the other.

This tiny little pot smooths lips and then shines them with a sheer tint.


These sweet little “macroons”  of  sugar-scrub and balm come in 8 barely-there shades to pamper lips. $19 online and at better department stores.




Aromathearpy at home with EO

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The right scent can lift your mood. Aromatherapy can have a powerful impact on mind, body and spirit! You may have noticed; how you take deep breath and begin to relax when you enter you favourite yoga studio or spa.  They may have subtly scented the air with an essential oil.


Unlike synthetic scents most people don’t have an allergic reaction to pure essential oils but there can be exceptions so be cautious if you have scent/allergy issues.


Individual oils have own use from calming to uplifting. You can enjoy aromatherapy at home with E.O. Aromatherapy Singles.


Here a few tips to get you started::


Lavender is known for its soothing and calming aroma therapeutic effects. This is my own favourite. I like to put in mister with rosewater and mist my face, hair, and bed linens. I keep it refrigerated after mixing.


Peppermint is uplifting and known for its ability to help improve alertness. This can be very refreshing in the morning try tossing a drop or two on the bottom of shower in the morning.


Eucalyptus can help clear the air and be used as a natural decongestant when fighting a cold. This is great in vaporizer or pot of stream when you are fighting a cold or flu.


Price: $6.99



Marisa Tomei’s stunning earrings!

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Marisa Tomei wore Doves by Doron Paloma earrings to theutiful earrings wore by  “Doron finds inspiration everywhere, including in nature, fashion and architectural structures. Every piece is designed with detail and carefully handcrafted by Doves artisans, using only 18k gold and the highest quality diamonds”.




Catch Tuna — tasty with lower mercury

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Do you love tuna but limit your consumption because you are afraid of Mercury?

Well now Safe Catch Tuna tests every single tuna they sell so you can

Enjoy tasty, healthful, low-cal tuna! I love this idea.

I like the Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna which is darker skipjack tuna on a salad for

Lunch but you can also get Wild Albacore with and without salt.

Safe Catch Tuna imposes much stricter limits on Mercury than the FDA and it is BPA and GMO free too.

Safe Catch is hand packed to retain Omega 3 oils.


It is also turtle-safe and dolphin –safe too.





Organize like a Lion and layer like a lamb

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As the days grow warmer it is time to begin organizing with the strength of a like lion. Get all your swatters, scarfs, and jackets in order. It will make getting ready a snap in morning. It will also simplify packing things away when the time is right. Do the same thing with socks and tights. Clean and organized – it will be a snap to pop all of your really heavy stuff away in a cedar closet, trunk or bin until next year when the days become truly balmy and lamb like. I like to keep Mysore Sandalwood soap in my drawers it works me to keep clothes fresh an uneaten.


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