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This is the time of year to give or buy luxurious holiday fragrance gift sets to wear into the New Year. Here are a few of our favourites:


JOY by Jean Patou

JOY is a classic fragrance worn by some of chicest and most feminine women in the world.  For decades it was known as “the costliest perfume in the world”. The  fragrance was created in 1930 by designer Jean Patou. This lush scent contains 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen May roses.


This holiday season there are several stunning ways to give the gift of “Joy”.


There are 500 hand-numbered, limited-edition parfum bottles available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. $350


Or give a four-piece gift set of lovely of JOY eau de parfum (3.4 ounce) with three, elegant, individually-wrapped bath soaps, packaged in a keepsake box exclusively sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. $190


Another four-piece gift set features a bottle of JOY eau de parfum (1 ounce) with three, elegant, individually wrapped bath soaps, packaged in a keepsake box. This is priced at $110.00 and exclusively sold at Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s, Lord  & Taylor, and Nordstrom.


Fragrance and matching soap are really delicious ! I adore the luxury!


Chanel No5Chanelno5

My own favourite gift set  of Chanel No 5 combines the classic bottle with an elegant and  refillable purse spray.  The sexy No 5 is playfully sexy fragrance. Marilyn Monroe wore this blend of citrus, rose, and jasmine over amber. The set includes EAU PREMIÈRE Spray (3.4 ounce) and EAU PREMIÈRE Twist and Spray (0.7 ounces).  This makes a great gift as the refillable spray is TSA friendly. $169.


And what lover of Chanel No 5 would not adore her own limited-edition flagon of the most precious form of scent, Grand Extrait Crystal?  It is the ultimate indulgence. $15,000.


Diordownload (4)

The Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Travel set  is a feminine delight in its reusable white flower-bedecked box. I have kept these types of box for decades. I love this new feminine Miss Dior fragrance with notes of mandarin, Peony, and White Musk.  This scent is light, fresh, and contemporary, exactly what “Miss Dior” should be.


This set includes Eau de Toilette natural spray (100 ml), Eau de Toilette refillable travel spray (7.5 ml), and cute little Eau de Toilette miniature (5 ml).


Marc Jacobs

  DasiyDream MarkJacobs Macys Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

This is a very pretty gift for a young girl who loves scent. This scent is sweet with fruit over a base of musk. There notes are blackberry, blue wisteria, and coconut water. The adorable keepsake packaging will delight a fashion-girl.


This Daisy Dream set includes3.4 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray (3.4oz.), Body Lotion (2.5oz.), and 0.33 oz. Rollerball (.33 oz.). This a good value at $100 for $143 dollar value.



Beauty treats under $20


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These little treats gifts make perfect stocking stuffers or fun little gifts your favourite helpers. Everyone loves a chic pampering  treat tucked into a card with a little cash.

Tarte Strike a Pose Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

Tarte Strike a Pose Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler and Mascara is an adorable mini eye lash curler and mascara.  About $19.


IT Cosmetics Brush Love Skin Loving Makeup Brush Cleaner

This is the easiest way to clean your makeup brushes!Love your brush

I love this spritz and blot cleaner.

About $19.50




This cute kit holds mini nail polishes and comes with a cuticle conditioning pen. It has  is perfect touching up a dark vampy mani or a shimmery gold one. About $18.


Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes whisks off makeup with the added benefit or Argan oil. These little wipes are perfect for a traveler or party girl. About $6.


Mai Couture Vitamin C + E Blotting Papier keeps makeup matte without powder. The slim, gold package will tuck in a tiny evening bag. About $13.00


Tarte Travel-Size Maracuja Oil is a multi-use beauty problem solver. It can be used to moisturize and condition skin, lips, and hair. The tiny is perfect for travel or the gym.

Approximately $15.


All from


Botanicals to help dark circles

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If puffy eyes and dark circles are your problem then this cooling eye gel from Jeffrey James Botanicals Eye Gel is one to try. It contains a combination of organic aloe Vera, wild-crafted green tea, and organic licorice, eyebright to help reduce inflammation and diminish discoloration. Skin will look firmer and smoother. This is a great option for oily skin and those who hate a “creamy” feeling.



Sexy, real gold massage oil

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Lulu 24k Edible Massage Oil will make you feel like Cleopatra with flakes of real gold 24 karat gold. This rich oil shimmers as you luxuriate in precious and natural pheromones. It has a delicious fruit scent you will be tempted to taste it. It really smells delicious –and luckily it is edible. $40

Sahara Shimmering Massage Oil gives skin a pretty glimmer just like the one you see on the legs of models and celebrities. $38

Luz de la Riva Gift Set gift with purchase the entire month of December

The gift includes minis of the brands most popular products: Lola Body Wash, Sophia Soy Wax Candle and Sahara Shimmering Oil.

This line is drop dead sexy – and must for every  femme fatale.

It is the perfect way to make the New Year sparkle!




Mad Hippie Eye Cream

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This “Flower-Powered” potion of natural antioxidants and botanicals helps to reduce the signs of aging. Mad Hippie Eye Cream is formulated with “16 active botantanicals”.

Peptides, Ceramides, as well as pomegranate and white tea extracts help to reduce wrinkles, swelling, and discoloration around the eye area. $24.99

This  is also a great stocking stuffer to pick up while you grab those extra items for dinner!

Also at Whole Foods  



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Elit by Stolichnaya is smooth, clean, and luxurious. Stolichnaya calls it “Ultra Luxury” Vodka.


Elit is “achieved through an obsession with accuracy and a unique freeze filtration.”

While many claim that Vodka has no taste or is mere a mixer vodka lovers know better.

Elit has a dry finish. To my palate there is a lovely faint hint of citrus.

This lovely sipping vodka feels gorgeous in your mouth.


The bottle is as elegant as the contents. It is beautiful to look at and drink Elit.

This makes it perfect for the holidays to serve at festive gatherings or to give as a special gift to a vodka lover.

It is priced (RSP) at $60.


Here are two lovely cocktails for the season.


Created by Jeremy Oertel, Donna BK

1.5 oz. Elit by Stolichnaya

1.5 oz. Dry Red Wine

.5 oz. St. George Spiced PearJulbill)

.25 oz. Maple Syrup

.25 oz. Lemon Juice

1 oz. Seltzer


Build in a glass and top with seltzer. Garnish with a pear fan and grated nutmeg.


ELIT COCKTAIL (83x125)Holiday Martini

(This is sweet-tart Martini I mix with elit by Stolichnaya)

Over crushed ice in a small shaker

1.5 oz.  Elit by Stolichnaya

.5 oz. Framboise or any good Raspberry liquor

Shake and pour into chilled Martini glass

Optional: Three plump Raspberries in the bottom of the glass


Wishing you light and warmth

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Look festive fast!


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Holiday dressing-up isn’t as easy as it used to be now that no one really “dresses up” any more. The last thing you want to do is look like you tried too hard – or not at all. It can be tricky to dress for an office party, or an evening when you have two events to attend.


Adriana Orsini Leaf Drop Earrings are a lot of sparkle for under $50


The secret to looking fetchingly festive in this situation is to add a dash of sparkle or drama to your most luxe tailored basics.


Adding a sexy pair of sandals, or a chunky heeled boot, with sheer black hose takes matching neutrals up a notch.BBrianAtwoodTira

B Brian Atwood Tira Leather Sandal Platform Heels



Use your touch of shimmer to play up your best features. Earrings draw attention to pretty eyes, while a belt will show off a tiny waist.