Christie Brinkley’s tell-all beauty book

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Christie Brinkley at 61 still looks every inch a super model. She glows with health.  In her book, Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great, Christie tells readers how she manages to look so fabulous.

I loved this book because, as a beauty editor, the last thing I need is another book of generic tips. Christie gets specific.


She breaks down her makeup routine and tells us exactly what she uses and how she applies it.


Christie shares over 30 years of beauty “know-how” from her career as a super model. And her tips are both really good and useful for women of all ages.

Her book is full of specific and useful information, including recipes, exercise, and diet tips. Christie tells you how she puts her look together for different occasions and even offers  “The 17 Timeless Pieces every woman should have in her closet”.


If you have ever wanted to know how a super model diets, exercises, or shops, this is the book to read. You are never left wondering about details; Christie spells it all out. 


As a final note,  I have seen a few online reviews of this book which question Christie’s dieting advice and mock her use of cosmetic injections. As someone who has seriously covered these subjects for many years, I was shocked. The advice in Christies book is, in my opinion, sensible and very honest. It another reason, I liked the book so much.




Beat “single” holiday blues

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If being single over the holidays has you feeling blue then

, you need some help from Marni Battista,


How to Effortlessly Have Men Pursue You,

Treat You like a Goddess & Commit to You for Life,

90-Minute Books.


Thousands of smart, successful women have used Marni’s Supermen System to attract their relationship-ready quality men.

If you are single and would like to change your dating style to attract relationship-ready, quality men then take Marni’s challenge.

Take the 20 Interaction Challenge

Get out of your head and out of that place of focusing on who you’re going to kiss under the mistletoe. Move into a place of interaction and eye contact with people — not just with men you want to date, but with everyone — to practice getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people.

At the coffee shop, ask a guy if he prefers the mocha mint Frappuccino or the pumpkin spice latte.

In the grocery store, ask if he’s ever cooked a turkey or has a secret method. Always make eye contact and smile.

 If you do this 20 times, you’ll start to get your feminine juju going, and soon it will come naturally to you.



Refresh and firm without redness

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 If  like me, you have sensitive skin you know the frustration of using anti-aging skincare only find it leaves your skin red and irritated.  I am also careful when I try a new product. So I was delighted to receive a sample of the new. The makers of Exuviance also make The Glycolic Peel and I have always had good luck with their products.


This new peel is designed for all skin types. According to the compactly, the  non-acid formula contains “patented acid-free NeoGlucosamine®, an amino sugar found naturally in skin’s own support matrix. This potent anti-ager is clinically proven to increase cell turnover and skin exfoliation for a silky smooth finish that reduces the appearance of fine lines. Skin will achieve better clarity and more even tone with the look of dark spots diminished. Over time, NeoGlucosamine® encourages skin’s support matrix, improving elasticity and firmness, restoring a more youthful plumpness to skin”.


It is so gentle the directions are to apply to clean skin and leave it on, then apply moisturizer over it. The directions say you can use it up to several times a week I really like this peel. From the first applications my skin looked and felt great. It speared smoother, a little tighter and softer and there was no irritation.


It  cost $68



A gift for the beauty maven

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The Face and Body System from Toilettree Products will delight most beauty mavens. It is a skin-pampering system that comes with two face brushes: a large body brush and a pumice sphere to smooth feet. There is a soft brush for sensitive skin and one for normal skin.

Cleansing with The Face and Body System feels luxurious. Skin is left clean and soft. I loved the way the brush felt on my sensitive skin but my favourite thing was the pumice sphere. I have tried many foot smoothing gadgets and this is my favourite. It left my feet perfectly smooth and was easy and pleasant to use.

The Face and Body System comes complete with batteries.

It is priced at $34.95

Find it at:


Trend alert: paper beauty masques get “sex appeal”

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Is there anything less sexy than a paper beauty masque?

They really are a little scary looking, so the newest trend is to give them sex appeal.

I use the term loosely. I have seen new beauty masques in black lace and leopard print.


I think the idea is cute but no less strange looking than plain old white. I recently tried a new  Patchology Flash Masque in Leopard Print.


patchology_leopard_hydrate_mask__60185.1442935761.600.600I am big fan of Asian paper beauty masques. I love the  way they hydrate and plump.

Patchology FlashMasque  is cut a little different and is supposed to be less sticky and messy. I have never been bothered by the mess. I  just rub the extra into my hands and décolleté. And I really didn’t see much difference in the shape the Patchology  Flash Masque or the amount of serum.


 I like the ingredients in the Patchology Flash Masque The masque contains some of my favourite skin hydrators and refreshers, including hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, Glycerin and Arginine.


These cute and effective masques are priced at  $8 for a single Masque and $30 for a 4 Pack.


Keep them on hand to use as a quick pick-me-up before holiday parties or

Use them as a stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts.

I often give my close friends a selection of my favourite masques in a little bag tied with a ribbon. Everyone loves getting beauty treats as a surprise.


Find them at Neiman Marcus and from October 2015-February 2015.





Enhance your eyes without a prescription

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The most natural and sexiest way to enhance your eyes is with long, dark, lashes and thick, full brows. 

And while prescription lash enhancers are effective, they are not for everyone. 

NeuBROW and neuLASH are alternatives.  These potent, non-prescription  serums are from  Skin Research Labs. According to the company, they will help “enhance eyelashes and eyebrows in just 30 days”.  

NeuLASH contains sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize lashes, combined with a proprietary combination of amino acids, bioengineered peptides, biotin, Panthenol, and pumpkin seed extract to nourish and enhance lashes. 

Neubrow uses keratin, sweet almond protein, bioengineered peptides, amino acids, as well as  biotin, and apple extract  to help amplify and define brows. 

I don’t find the effect from these serums as dramatic or noticeable as with prescription products, but they do make lashes and brows look more lush and shiny.


neuLASH retails for $150

neuBROW retails for $100




Easy and useful tips

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Forgotten Ways for Modern Days: Kitchen Cures and Household Lore for a Natural Home and Garden,  by Rachelle Blondel,  is a slim volume containing  housekeeping and gardening wisdom. Blondel offers ideas with appeal for the modern homemaker looking for cleaning, personal care, and gardening solutions that are both effective and chemical free. 


This book stood out not only because it is charming and well-written but also because  it is full of tips that most women will actually use. Unlike many similar books, this one is not full of overly complicated recipes or projects that are too ugly to appeal to a modern woman.


Blondell shares ideas such as how to use egg shells and suggestions for helping bees.  There are directions for making your own lotions and potions but also good advice on  laundry, using lemons and other similar ideas. There are also many thrifty and fun ideas to re-purpose and repair household items. I especially like her direction for making reusable waxed beeswax food wrap and recipes for fragrant bath teas!


This is a fun and useful book for gardeners and anyone who loves to craft and cook.



Classic is never cliché

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If you are a looking for a way to make your holiday gatherings special this season there is nothing more festive than champagne. When it comes to elegant entertaining classic is never cliché and you can’t go wrong with cold champagne. 

The  of Moët & Chandon’s Imperial Brut. The  three-dimensional golden bubbles on the label are perfect for celebrations! I love the look of this bottle it is so ornamental. 

According to the experts, Moet Imperial can be served throughout the meal “from aperitif to dessert.”  They suggest paring it with:  sushi, scallops,  oysters,  white fish, white meats (such as roasted free range chicken au jus with fines herbs)  and  white fruits, like a white peach tart served with a light, white chocolate cream.  

Both The Festive So Bubbly bottle and Moet Imperial Brut are available  fromSO-BUBBLY-BAIGNOIRE- for  $43.