Halloween hair

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If you want to give your Halloween costume extra impact, then focus on your hair!

Nothing will define a character’s look more quickly than the right hair style.

Halloween is the perfect time to play at being your favourite type of femme fatal.


We have great how-to transformation tips from the experts at

Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime. I really like this line.

 It gives you beautiful styling options at bargain prices.


Easy and fabulous Halloween hair transformation tips:

Pin Up Girl


The ever-sexy pin-up girl is a 1950’s icon and such a fun role to play on Halloween. Start by prepping your roots with Schwarzkopf Styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture Magic Volume Powder

Pull the front section of your hair into a slight pompadour. Twist and secure with a bobby pin. Brush your remaining hair smooth and gather into a ponytail. Backcomb the underside interior of your hair and roll the ends under and in an upward motion to create a bun. Pin hair at the base of the bun and along the sides as needed. Finish with more Schwarzkopf Styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture H2O Free Hairspray and tie a scarf around Halloweenflapperhairyour head. 


Nothing says glamour like a 1920’s flapper with a Great Gatsbyesque fingerwave bob. Get the look by parting your hair in line with the arch in your left eyebrow, separating your hair into three sections: the front, the crown (which you can pin up into a bun and clip), and the bottom (which you’ll need to put into two pig tails).


Using a wide barrel curling iron, curl the front section in inch-wide sections of hair around your hairline, pinning each curl until it cools. Tease the bottom pig tails with your hands, one at a time, to create volume for the crown section of your hair to be layered over. Pull the teased pigtails together and secure them with bobby pins. Let your curls down and gently brush them out using a boar bristle brush, stopping when you get the desired finger wave, framing your face perfectly. Pin up any loose hanging tendrils. Gather and pin the hair from the front section, tucking it up under itself and bobby pinning it to give you a faux bob look all the way around. Use Schwarzkopf Styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture H2O Free Hairspray to keep everything in place. 


To complete the full flapper look, add a sparkly headband or feather and you’re done!



The Bohemian babes of the 1960s have inspired generation after generation with their effortless style and beauty. Channel your inner peace-loving goddess and go as a hippie this Halloween.


Spray your clean, damp hair liberally with Schwarzkopf Styliste ULTIME Elastin Curls & Moisture Soft Tousle Spray and let it air-dry. Once it’s dried into the perfect messy, care-free texture, grab random one inch sections of hair, and braid them tightly for tiny braids that blend into the rest of your hair. Top your ‘do with a gorgeous flower crown or headband and voila, you’re a flower child.

Find them at Walmart for only $7 each.



Secret slimming weapon



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The holidays are fraught with situations

that lead to over doing things.

Some people even gain a pound or two

— others just feel bloated and puffy.

Hyleys Slim Teas can be your secret slimming weapon.

They are all natural Green teas with Senna leaves, and fruit flavoring

that Hyelys’ says “promote body cleansing, detoxification, and a healthy digestive41STXc1iGYL._AC_UL320_SR168,320_

System.” Senna is a powerful natural laxative so these teas can help that bloated feeling.

Do not over steep or drink too much at once – and that can be tempting as these teas are very tasty.

Hyleys Slim Teas are available in flavorful options like Acai Berry, Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate

And Raspberry as well as a Five-Flavor Assortment.  

Haleys makes a full line of all natural wellness teas.

This one of the nicest wellness tea lines I have tried and it is very good value also.

5.99 for 1-pack of 25 foil envelope tea bags.





Halloween nails

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If you want to dress up a basic black  ensemble for a Halloween try a ghoulish

or cute spooky manicure.

Lauren B. Nail Lacquer is free of dangerous

ingredients and has the colours and tips you need to create to  dramatic looks,

How to tips :






Trend alert – Private label beauty

 The EDGE Beauty Iconic Gloss

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Recently, I have noticed an upswing in private label  beauty lines from department stores and boutiques. It’s not a new idea. High-end shops have offered their brands of soaps and creams for decades.  But these new beauty lines are much more sophisticated..


The EDGE Beauty Collection, the first-ever private label beauty brand available at Dillard’s Department stores has appealing, mirrored packaging


The EDGE Beauty Iconic Gloss  is described as “soft as a bomb and pigmented like a lacquer”. It is a nice gloss – not too sticky or too shiny. There are 6 shades from a Sheer red and berry tones to sheer peach and pink tones. The coverage is nice – you get colour and translucency that lasts.EdgeBeautyIconiclipstickstarlet


is described as  “single-stroke coverage lipstick with intense coverage.” There are 8 pigmented shades including reds, wines, and nudes. The lipstick feels light and moist. It didn’t cake but it does settle a little. I liked better with the  gloss over it even though it is shiny.


The glosses are $18 and the lipsticks are $20.


The Edge Beauty Collection also includes lip liners, eyeliners, mascara, 2 eye shadow palettes as well as broker and blush in flattering, easy-to-wear shades. It is available at select Dillard stores.





Lips of the Living Dead

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Don’t let Halloween fun damage your looks. Heavy makeup and crazy hair dye can do lasting damage!  Armour Beauty’s Femme Fatale can give you a ghoulish grin and keep your lips soft and smooth. It is a perfect true black lip gloss. It is the perfect finishing touch if you want to dress like up a Vampire or Zombie. This shiny black gloss,  “named  for the Velvet Underground song”  is a naturally based, long-lasting lip gloss rich in Shea butter, avocado, mango seed, olive butters and oils, grade seed oil and vitamin e.






Grill outside, all winter

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Some of the best  cooks cook grill outside all year round – even in very cold places.  It seems they know what they are doing! “The trend of year-round grilling is taking off due to the rise and accessibility of outdoor kitchens,” according to Jim Ginocchi, President of Coyote Outdoor Living.


Jim also said, “We have seen a strong, continuous growth in popularity the Sun Belt states and warmer U.S. regions, and there has a significant increase in the Mid- and North-Atlantic as well.”


A few simple tips can help you to  getting cold-weather grilling right.


Here are Jim Ginocchi’s  to get your grill on with a chill on:


 First, get a good gas grill on a cart to reduce prep time and bring it closer to the house.


Allow additional time for your grill to heat up. It might take a bit longer than usual.


Prep the dishes indoor as much as possible. Do they need to be on a tray, a skewer, or marinated? Be ready before you step outside.


Keep the lid on as much as possible to keep heat consistent and use a timer to reduce the heat loss caused by opening the hood too often.


Halloween cocktails


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Even if you don’t intend to offer a full bar at your Halloween party, a signature cocktail is always a nice touch. Any of the drinks below can be made in a larger batch and served in pitchers. Assemble the ingredients but do not  mix in advance.


If you are offering an elaborate bar it might be fun to serve both.

Cocktails are pretty to look at and easy to drink,  so have plenty of chilled non-alcoholic  options on hand. Sparkling Italian sodas and mineral water are  good choice.  It is nice to have a light white wine for those who prefer it. Many people watching their weight try to avoid high-calorie mixed drinks.


Always offer food as soon as drinks are served.

 The Harvest Moon

1 1/2 oz. Hangar 1 Mandarin Blossom Vodka 3/4 oz. Amaro Montenegro  1/2 oz. Fresh lemon  1/4 oz. Honey (equal parts honey/hot water) 2 dashes Grapefruit bitters Orange zest garnish

Combine ingredients with ice, shake and strain.  Garnish with orange zest and orange peel


Blood Orange Margarita  Blood Orange Margarita

1 oz. 1800 Añejo Tequila 2 oz. Blood Orange Juice Splash of Agave Garnish with Chili

Combine ingredients, serve over ice and garnish with chili pepper 


Happy Halloween!


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I love Halloween, I always have. It is fun to dress up and get lost in legends and stories.

It is a fun, off-beat holiday that all-ages can enjoy.

So, get your haunt-on even if you stay home and dish out treats.

It is a sweet holiday so let is cast a spell on you!


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