Naked but better

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 “Blur” primers are among my favourite products. They smooth and “blur” imperfections, leaving skin looking almost flawless. Skin looks naked but better. Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield adds antioxidant-rich botanicals, age-fighting peptides, and a broad spectrum SPF 30.  The clear silicone-bead primer slides on and leaves skin looking soft and “perfected” while protecting against the signs of aging. 

Invisiblur Perfecting Shield looks great worn alone, but it is also one of the nicest primers I have tired under makeup. It makes skin look poreless and does not make sheer foundation or blush look heavy or cakey.


Always test primers and sunscreens to make sure they don’t “pill” under foundation or make the products look heavy and opaque. Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield is clear and light, which helps to keep your skin looking natural.


It costs $65 for a one-ounce pump cylinder.


Sleep your fat away

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Skimping on sleep could be why you can’t seem to lose weight. Brain-training experts Joy Martina, Ph.D. and Roy Martina, M.D have created a detailed guide to sleep and healthy weight loss  called Sleep Your Fat Away.   


According to the doctors, “A Mayo Clinic study found that women who slept less than six hours or more than nine hours per night were more likely to gain 11 pounds than women who slept seven hours per night; meanwhile, researchers at the Harvard-affiliated General Hospital for Children determined that children who are sleep-deprived were about 2 1/2 times more likely to be obese than kids who consistently got enough sleep. In fact, sleep deprivation leads to weight gain by triggering unhealthy nutritional choices.

If you sleep around about five hours or less every night, then you have a 50 percent likelihood of being obese. Lack of sleep raises the release of the hormone ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Ghrelin in the brain triggers the craving for carbohydrates and particularly sugars. Also the longer you are awake the more you tend to snack and consume in calories.”


The couple, who are married describe themselves as “health food lovers, exercise maniacs and happiness addicts” who never go to bed angry or stressed.”


Here the Martina’s tips for getting a good night’s sleep:


Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary and sleep haven (tips include make it as dark as you can and keep it slightly cool).


Reduce your amount of light exposure at least half an hour before you go to bed. Turn off the TV, mobile phones, computers, and anything that excites the brain.


Avoid caffeine late in the day, ideally starting after lunch.


Don’t indulge in high sugary foods and drinks before bed.


Do eat foods containing tryptophan, the natural sleep inducer (the list includes beans, whole grains, eggs, sunflower and sesame seeds, unsweetened soy milk and relaxing herbal teas).


They also point out, “Benefits of a good night’s sleep include increased concentration and attention, enhanced decision-making, lower stress levels, less anger and impulsiveness, reduced mood swings and reduced cravings for sugary foods.”


Put a gloss on it!

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This trio of three Chanel Glossimer lip glosses in Amour, Sweet Beige and Wild Rose in chic little signature bag is a lovely gift. It is the perfect way to put a gloss on Mother’s day.




Sexy and affordable lingerie

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For years, supermodel Heidi Klum has been known in the business as “the body” – for obvious reasons. Heidi delighted and amazed her fans when she modeled lingerie weeks after giving birth. She also became a well-known fashion expert as the host of Project Runway. Now the HEIDI by Heidi Klum line will be available exclusively at Macy’s stores and on This mid-priced collection brings feminine and flirty lingerie to women at an affordable price. I really think it is adorable.


The 30-piece collection has such details as lace, ribbon, and lovely fabrics yet is priced at $12 for panties and $42 to $33 for bras. The bras range size from 32A to 38DD, and small to extra-large for other items. The styles are cute, flirty, sexy, and modern.


HEIDI by Heidi Klum is a fun and affordable way to spice up your wardrobe just in time for summer. Remember, fabulous lingerie improves your look even if no one sees it but you!



Bring your nails into “Bloom”

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If you haven’t tried Crabtree & Evelyn’s nail lacquers, you are missing out. The company is known for exquisite lotions and potions, but their nail lacquer is fabulous and a very affordable splurge; the little bottles cost only $6 each. I love the size, which is perfect for keeping the polish fresh to the end. And the finish dries shiny and glossy.


The new Spring in Bloom Nail Lacquer collection has rich shades that really pop! At only $6 each you will want a few.  Try a little bottle of Mint, Poppy, Azalea, or Lilac.  I have Lilac on my toes right now.

The lacquers contain no camphor, dibutyl phthalates, formaldehyde, or toluene.


Beauty bargain

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Nothing puts a smoky eye over the top like lashes. I have never mastered them. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the look. Eyelure is a favourite of models and makeup artists. According to Eyelure, “Everyone from consumers to celebs to makeup artists are loving the weightless feel of the lashes – Lupita Nyong’o and her uber talented makeup artist Nick Barose love Eylure as do a myriad of other celebs.  The lashes (Eyelure) are on tour with Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Cher among others.” 

Eylure’s Urban Tropics collection is a mix of natural and faux hair and uses Eylure’s exclusive process to maintain a natural curve for precise application.  Eyelure includes long-lasting lash glue in each lash pack with this collection, too. You can pick them up for a limited time at Ulta for only $5.99.


Spoil your Mother with spa treats

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This Mother’s Day spoil your mon with lavish spa products from SpaRitual’s new Harmonizing Italian Mandarin Collection. SpaRitual Sugar Scrub is made with certified organic sugar-crystals. It exfoliates and moisturizes skin, giving a glow. The Bath Salts contain California Sea Salts, Dead Sea Salts, and Epsom salt and are perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day.  My favourite the Italian Mandarin Luminizing Body Butter is infused Fair Trade Certified Organic Shea Butter and a vitamin-rich blend of Plum Oil and Maqui Berry. It feels rich and sinks right into dry skin and leaves a beautiful pearl finish on the skin.


The kits which contain a regular sized and travel sized jar of each product cost $49 each.




Sepo Sauce

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Have you tried Sepo Sauce? Its full name is Seponifiq Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce. It tastes like a flavourful mayo with hints of garlic and horse radish. It was the promise of horse radish that made me say yes to a sample. I like a little kick in things.

The gluten-free sauce has a nice mild taste. It is not hot or spicy. I noticed as mild hint garlic as well as

a subtle flavour of Dijon. It is very nice on a sandwich. I also used it to grill salmon which worked out very well. Sepo Sauce is perfect for easy summer cooking when you just want to add a little zing to a salad or grilled dish.


Sepo Sauce at $4 a makes a nice addition to a hostess gift for foodies.