Trend alert: over the knee boot


Can you wear over-the-knee boots and still look like a lady? That’s the burning question on many a fashion editor’s lips these days. Of course you can darlings! It seems that Julia Roberts’ zipper-challenged thigh-high vinyl boots in the movie, Pretty Woman, has a lot of ladies – even editors – spooked.  But if you observe these simple rules for wearing over-the-knee boots, you will never be mistaken for a “working girl”. 

When you are wearing high boots with a high heel, keep your hemline close to the knee or longer. If you are petite, let your skirt hover at knee-length or an inch above – no shorter with over-the-knee boots. If you are tall, go for longer skirts with a lady-like slit. Slit skirts are a big trend this year. 

If you want to wear a thigh-high boot with a mini-skirt or short shorts, go for flat or low-heeled boots and wear dark tights in the same colour. For an impeccable high-fashion look, pair flat heeled suede over-the-knee boots with satin finish opaque tights in the same shade.  The look is catwalk, not street-walker.  

If you are on a budget, steer clear of shinny over-the-knee boots. Cheap thigh-high boots scream “hooker boots”. Instead, look for suede or leather. If you want shiny – and I love patent anything – splurge on a very good quality pair of the real thing and take care of them.  

And on a final note, never ever fix a broken boot zipper with a safety pin.

 Nicholas Kirkwood

Over-the-Knee Metal-Heel Suede Boot, Indigo


boot 1

Sam Edelman ‘Kayla’ Over the Knee is best worn with leggings and a long sweater or tunic or longer skirt.





Chatting with Kyle Keller


Kyle Keller

Kyle Keller

Kyle Keller has been compared to Jenny McCarthy because of her quirky humour and “hottie” looks, but we think she is an original.  Since being picked as a MAXIM Hometown Hottie, Kyle has gone from radio personality and style expert, now to television host. She is the latest addition to VH1’s popular reality match-making show Tough Love. 

As busy as Kyle is with all her new projects she took time to tell DolceDolce readers about her new projects and share her beauty and style tips. 

DD: Kyle what was the most surprising thing about being on VH1’s Tough Love this season?

KK: The most surprising thing for me this season was coming to terms with the fact that I am, indeed, disconnected. As a broadcaster, I’m used to interviewing and asking questions, but never realized I “interviewed” people and wasn’t connecting with others in my personal life. It’s been a challenge. 

DD: How to you manage to look good all the time while shooting a show like VH1 Tough Love, with the very demanding schedule?

KK: The first few episodes were hard for me because I was sick and didn’t feel like I looked good at all. I had to wear glasses and couldn’t wear makeup while the other girls were extremely dolled up, so the best I could do was have fabulous clothes! I’m pretty low-maintenance in general in terms of getting ready. As as long as I had some mascara and blush, I was able to work with the schedule!  

DD:  What are your three beauty must-haves and why?

KK:  My three beauty must haves are Maybelline’s Volume Express mascara, Bare Minerals powder, and MAC’s Bronze eye shadow. I have been using them for years and always get compliments on my skin and eyes. To me, less is more … if you want to do a smoky eye, then you need to have a nude lip! 

DD: What are your everyday fashion must-haves?

KK: My fashion must-haves change with each season. Luckily, the weather in Los Angeles is always nice so I can wear tank tops and jeans all year round. I’m obsessed with shoes. The higher the heel, the better!!!

DD: Do you have a special red-carpet routine? 

KK: My red carpet routine is pretty simple: My stylist, Marisa Kenson ALWAYS dresses me in her fabulous designs, so I base the rest of my look off of what I’m wearing. Usually, I have beach wavy hair and a smoky eye, but recently, I have been rocking a red lip!  

DD: What is the secret of your fitness routine? 

KK: I love to hike and do yoga and try to do some sort of exercise every day. I’m pretty lucky genetically, but my diet could be better! Ha-ha. I’m a grazer and tend to snack throughout the day so I try to make healthy choices. 

DD: What is always in your handbag? 

KK: I ALWAYS have Listerine spray on hand; I can’t interview with bad breath!! I also have a few lip glosses and Chapstick handy, and, of course, dental floss! It’s never attractive to have something stuck in your teeth!!! 

DD:  What was the funniest thing that happened while you were shooting this season? 

KK:  Honestly, this season was difficult and very challenging. I was stressed the whole time!! I think the funniest thing for me was seeing one of my best friends from high school date one of the guys I lived with. It was so weird!!!


Essential oils smooth hair

download (4) L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Mask contains a blend of the essential oils Angelica, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang-ylang, and Patchouli, plus sunflower and wheat oils.  It is recommended for color and chemically-treated hair.  The rich oils nourish and help to restore dry, damaged hair.  The mask also helps to protect hair against the damaging effects of hair heat treatments and environmental stresses.  Hair is left silky smooth and shiny. And it smells fabulous thanks to the essential oils. I loved how sleek it left my hair for blow-drying. The process was almost effortless. 

DolceDolce tip: If you touch up your roots at home, coat the ends of your hair with a deep-conditioning mask will you process. Cover all your hair with a plastic cap. Your colour will take better, and your hair will soft and smooth.




Natural beauty

-Blossom-HoneyHoney is a great moisturizer and it contains polyphenols, minerals, and antioxidants.

This scrub from Golden Blossom is gentle enough to use several times a week.  

Exfoliating Honey Facial Cleanser

1 tablespoon Golden Blossom Honey

2 tablespoons finely-ground almonds

½ teaspoon lemon juice

Mix ingredients together. Gently rub onto face. Rinse with warm water.


Skip the pills and try the gel!

SalonpasDeepRecently, my friend Bettie had a terrible backache that kept her awake at night. I felt so bad for her. I rubbed some Salonpas DEEP Relieving Gel on her back and sent her home with the tube. The next day she told me that it worked so well, she finally got a good night’s sleep. She now wears the Salonpas patches at work. I recently heard Al Roker on The Today Show say he uses an over-the-counter “pain patch” daily for his knee. He pulled up his pant leg and showed a patch. His guests couldn’t wait to find out where to get some for his back. He didn’t mention a brand, but it looked just like mine.

 If you suffer from aches and pains, see your doctor to be sure it isn’t a serious problem that requires medical attention. Exercise to stay flexible; I swear by yoga and barre classes. Some people prefer golf or walking. But keep moving. And try Salonpas DEEP Relieving Gel. It works and is not a narcotic or addictive. If you have ever had a sore back or a stiff neck, you need to know about Salonpas DEEP Relieving Gel.  

My acupuncture and Chinese medicine doctor first gave me Salonpas patches in Toronto for a sore shoulder. After years of taking a series of pain pills and getting no relief I couldn’t believe how well the patches worked. I have been an advocate ever since. Salonpas patches and gel put the pain medicine directly on sore muscles or joints for almost-instant relief. And Salonpas never makes you feel drowsy because the pain medication in it is non-narcotic. Now Salonpas DEEP Relieving Gel is even more effective with pain relief that lasts for up to eight hours. It contains three active ingredients, camphor, and menthol methyl salicylate in a light gel that absorbs quickly. Even the menthol smell disappears after about 15 minutes.  

Salonpas it could change your life and keep you moving!




Love with a “marked man”

9780062302373Jay Crownover has become a bestselling sensation with her “Marked Men” novels. The spicy stories veer into literotic as Crownover updates the classic romance by taking it into the young hip world of tattoo artists and indie rock bands. The first book in the series is called Rule after its hero. 

Rule is bad boy with an attitude and a look to match. He is tall, sexy, and covered in ink.  He lives with his best friend and fellow tattoo artist Nash. They are successful as artists and with women. For Rule, life is about work and women – and endless, nameless streams of them.  Ever since his twin brother, Remy was killed, Rule has been trying to deaden his pain with work, alcohol, and sex – except on Sunday. 

Shaw shows up every Sunday to drag him home to have brunch with his estranged family. Shaw is the one person he can’t say no to. She has been a member of the family ever since his brother Remy brought her home after school one day. Shaw is as good as Rule is bad. She is blond, petite, and sweet. She gets under his skin. He is the only man she has ever had eyes for but he only sees her as his brother’s girl. 

Crownover brings the classic bad boy-good girl love story into this decade with sharp, sexy writing, and an eye for the hippest subculture this side of Kat Von D. 

There are two more books in this series that are sure to delight romantic young women with an eye for dangerous young men with heart of gold. Clichéd? Yes, but also fun and very well done.


Easy apple strudel


You can make this in just 15 minutes, not including baking time,
and your house will smell like fall

This recipe is so easy; it takes only 15 minutes, including peeling the apples. Try it and you will make the dessert lovers in your life very happy. It is also great for a party.  Use tart apples that hold their shape. 

Preheat your oven 350F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment Thaw a package of filo dough according to directions. 

Peel and slice fairly thin 3 cups of tart apples

Toss the apples with 1 cup of sugar (prevents browning)

 ½ cup walnut pieces (for nut allergies omit and add raisins, if you like)

 Right before filling add:

½ cup fine dry bread crumbs

 ½ cup melted butter  

 Prepare dough.

Melt 1 cup of butter and cool  

If your filo sheets are, for example, 18 or 20 inches by 12, simply lay out one sheet of filo on a large sheet of wax paper or parchment paper. Cover with butter using a pastry brush. Sprinkle lightly with dry bread crumbs. Top with another sheet of filo and repeat. If the dough tears patch it. But be gentle. You need four layers. If you have smaller sheets of dough, as I did, you will have to overlap them to get larger sheets. Just lay them out and butter them. I used four sheets, but use as many or as few as you need. Filo is forgiving and it all bakes together like magic. I have used many types of filo. If you work quickly, gently, and use plenty of butter, it will all work out.   Place the apple filling in a line about four inches from the edge of the long side of the dough. Leave three inches on each side empty to fold up before you begin rolling. Use the paper to help roll the dough. Be gentle and flip the roll seam-side down on to parchment line sheet.   Beat an egg well with a fork. Brush the pastry with a light coating of egg. Remove any loose filo carefully. Sprinkle with coarse sanding (decorative) sugar. Refrigerate for one hour before baking. Slash the top in several places with a sharp knife. 

Bake for 30-35 minutes until golden brown.  

Cool carefully before wrapping or the pastry will get soggy. You can make two strudels and freeze one, or make another type of filo pastry, such as spinach and cheese. Once the plastic is open the dough must be used or tossed.    



Scent causes dissent

318013_10152434035650128_1123601145_n - CopyDarlings we live in an increasingly polarized world. Even scent is headed that way. As some draconian cities have banned wearing scent (quelle horreur!) fragrances are becoming more exotic and multi-layered. Classic Oriental fragrances such as Shalimar and Bal a Versailles have been making a comeback with their rich notes of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli. 

New fragrances such as Tom Ford’s Private Blend Wood Oud with top notes of rosewood and cardamom, blended with Chinese pepper, and smoky oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver are also becoming popular with scent aficionados. Even Jo Malone, known for crisp, fresh scents of grapefruit and lime, now offers exotic fragrances with Oriental notes of Oud, sandalwood, and patchouli. 

Oud is a very expensive Middle Eastern perfume ingredient made from the resin of agarwood that is said to be most expensive wood in the world. The scent of Oud is hard to describe as is civet and amber used in classic scents.  But the best description is of a deep, resinous, wood scent with over tones of musk, incense, and tobacco. Oud is aged and the older it gets the more intense the scent becomes. Oud is often burned with Bahkoor, Arabic incense used to scent, rooms, clothes, and hair. I am ordering some right now. 

Fragrance sensitivity is a touchy issue. It pays to be sensitive to others. I am scent person. I scent myself and my home, and relish it. But I understand there are times that scent needs to be dialed back. I am conscious of not overwhelming people with fragrance in hospital environments as well as confined spaces such as airplanes. 

Fragrance is personal. The truth is we will never know how some else tastes, hears, sees, smells, hears, or feels. I know some people find my fragrance too much, but I also get many unsolicited compliments on my perfumes. I have had men and women follow me to ask me what I was wearing because they liked it so much. So I in this increasingly polarized world, where fragrance is now yet another potential minefield, I try to strike a balance between self-expression and consideration. 

Darlings have a sweet – scented or scented – week, as it pleases you! 

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