Make a date and keep it!

Real Housewife Ramona Singer is a real business maven. She says you need to sey aside time daily to get projects of the ground.Summer is a fabulous time to make a change, break a habit or start a new project.
According to experts, most people feel more energetic and alive in the summer months.
Days are longer making it easier to squeeze in another activity after work or dinner. 
Is there something that you would like to achieve? Maybe you’d like to
lose a few pounds and learn a new skill – or, maybe you have a bigger dream?
Get started, and jump right in. If you are intimidated, start small.
Experts say that it takes 30 days to break a habit and the same time form a new one. And it is easier to give up bad behaviour if you replace with something new that you enjoy.
Fitness, dieting, or learning new things is easier and more effective with help. So find a class or a teacher. A daily class or meeting with councilor is good as it forces you to set aside time to go. Also, remember, you don’t owe anyone information about how you spend your time. If you feel silly telling friends or colleagues that you can’t meet with them when you have your class or meeting for your weight loss or music lesson, all you need to say is: “Can we make it another time? I have an appointment”. You owe explanations to no one but an employer, if you are company time. Soon, everyone will understand you are not available at that time and leave you alone. Trust me darlings, it works! And it is empowering!
In her popular The Artist's Way books, writer Julia Cameron dictates the importance adhering to a daily routine and setting aside time to work. She assigns her students “morning pages” or journaling upon awaking to capture creativity of their awaking minds.
Recently Donny Deutsch, the former host of The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and the chairman of Deutsch Inc. a major Madison Avenue adverting company, encouraged Today Show viewers who wanted to start a new business to “just get started”. He told them to find something they had a passion and to go for it. Deutsch, however, cautioned fledgling entrepreneurs not to quit their day jobs right away. He advised viewers to start small and test their ideas.

Real Housewife of New York, Ramona Singer
might be too over the top for some, but she is a crack business woman who founded her own multi-million dollar fashion business by age 29. Singer’s business savvy is not exaggerated for the cameras; she is the real deal. She recently advised fellow housewife Sonja Morgan to spend three hours every day working in her new entertaining business.
Darlings, almost all of have something we really want to do or change. Fear or even just a lack of organization holds us back. So start small and change one thing.
You may want to lose some weight, get fit, start a business, and learn to play the piano, or even get some quiet time into your life. Learn to make a date with yourself every day to work on dreams – and keep it.

Avoid the 5 germiest places in the airport!

Thinkng about using the drinking fountain -- think agian!
Flying this summer? Cleaning expert Peter Sheldon of Coverall Health Based Cleaning Systems pinpoints the top five germiest places in airports so you can avoid them. If you have travel plans, don’t miss a word of Peter’s invaluable advice.
The airplane bathroom
With anywhere from 50 to 75 users per toilet, the airplane washroom is hands-down the germiest place on the trip. Numerous studies have shown that these are teeming with E. coli on almost every surface. Because they are rarely sanitized between flights, there is also the cumulative effect of hundreds of users before it gets a good scrubbing. The tiny sink makes it nearly impossible to thoroughly wash your hands, and those who manage it are instantly greeted by the germy door handle.
Steer Clear: Avoid using the on-board facilities if at all possible. If you must, use a paper towel to turn faucets off and on, to close the lid before flushing (always a good idea, even at home) and to open the door. Carry sanitizing wipes in your pocket and use them thoroughly and immediately upon exit. Back at your seat, repeat


sanitizing, if you’ve touched anything along the way.

The onboard magazines
Studies show that many people don’t bother to wash their hands at all, even when using the aforementioned germiest of germy places – the airplane restroom. One study found that as many as 30 percent don’t wash up after using the airport restroom either. Add in the usual coughs, sneezes, and runny noses that carry thousands of germs to every surface, and those magazines and catalogs in the seat back pocket are a virtual biohazard. And, how many times have you seen someone absentmindedly lick their finger to help turn the page?
Steer Clear: Bring your own reading material and avoid touching anything in that seatback pocket unless you absolutely must refer to the emergency evacuation instructions in the event of an actual emergency.
The water fountain
Between the high cost of beverages in the terminal and new FAA rules that disallow liquid containers over a certain size, it may be tempting to drink from the public fountain, or to refill an empty bottle here rather than buy a new one. Don’t do it. Public drinking fountains can harbor as many as 2.7 million bacteria per square inch on the spigot. It’s not worth the risk to save a few bucks.
Steer Clear: Bring water from home in small bottles. In most cases, as long as they are still sealed, security officials will allow you to pass through with no problem. If you’re unsure, or want to avoid the extra weight in your carry-on, buy one from a vendor in the terminal. Once onboard the plane, ask for bottled water from the beverage cart. Do not, however, drink “tap” water from the plane (or coffee or tea made from it). Studies have shown airplane water may contain contaminants such as E. coli and others as a result of questionable techniques for filling the tanks and improper/malfunctioning filter systems.
The airline pillows and blanket
On a typical flight with 100 passengers, statistics show that about five will be ill with a cold or the flu. Zonked out on cold medicine, these folks might enjoy a cozy nap with their airline pillow and blanket. But, upon touchdown, rapid clean-ups between flights means that when you board, there’s a good chance you could be using a pillow that’s been drooled or sneezed on within the past hour.
Steer Clear: Say “No Thanks!” to germy airline pillows and blankets and bring your own. U-shaped neck pillows can be quite comfortable and keep you from drifting into neighboring passengers’ personal space. Or, if you’re cramped for suitcase space, throw some clothes into a pillow case at home, tie it shut, and bring that along to rest your head. Wear or carry an extra layer (like a sweater or light jacket).
The security line
You know the drill: shoes off, empty your pockets into the bin, put your carry-on on the belt. As you stroll barefooted through the security checkpoint, have you considered the millions who have gone before you? Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections can easily be left behind, just waiting for their next host.

Bendable flip-flops to stash

Slip these gold flip dlops in your bag for a comfortable bakc upGoing barefoot at home or in the yoga studio is healthful and good for your feet, but shed your shoes other places and you may pick up nasty fungus infections – and it looks tacky too. No darling, it’s not really cute at weddings when you are all dressed up and you can’t wear your party shoes. 
Why not stick a pretty pair of DAWGS bendable flats in your bag. They come in metallic or pastels to look fab at the beach or with a cute summer dress. At only $15, you can a couple pairs, and stash a pair in your desk, too!

Ancient beauty secret

Rosewater, with it is concentration of anti-oxidants and healing properties, has been a beauty secret through the ages. Melivta Rose Extraordinary Water is contains hyaluronic acid from soya and organic glycerin. It binds moisture to the skin as it soothes and pampers it.
Melvita has also added Marsh Clove or Water Clover to help firm sagging skin and improving facial contours. This delightful floral essence is addictive and can be used alone or with your usual regime.
Melivta Rose Extraordinary Water is a natural and organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT.

Exceptional hydration!

Aubrey Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Crème with Liposomes firms and brightens with an effective blend of Oat Protein clinically proven to reduce fine lines and Sodium Hyaluronate with Organic Rosa Mosqueta Oil to smooth and hydrate. This light cream keeps the area hydrated for up to 8 hours.
Aubrey Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Crème with Liposomes is for you are looking for a natural product with exceptional hydration.

Cooking with Quinoa

 Rena Patten’s cooking with Quinoa the Supergrain contains recipes using this fabulous protein antivitamin packed supergrain that will delight year-around. But, many of her recipes such as savory Mediterranean style salads and tasty stuffed vegetables are perfect for summer dining. Patten’s colourful veggie salads use Quinoa (pronounce keen-wa) for protein. The nutty grain is deemed a super food for its high protein, fiber, and vitamin content. It is also nutty and delicious. From temping soups to tempting desserts – including a creamy looking mango and coconut quinoa pudding – Patten shares her sweet and savory uses for this healthy grain.

Campari Spritz and MV’s Best Virginia Cocktail Peanuts

Sparkling and tart, the perfect summer cocktail

Summer entertaining should be light and easy. Recently, we visited friends in Montreal who have the knack. We had a wonderful evening together and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Our friend, Susan, is a fabulous cook. Her husband, Markus, served a lovely aperitif called a Campari Spritz, made with the Italian bitter and the sparkling wine, Prosecco. It’s perfect on a summer evening. Susan served bowls of cashews and crisp chips. Next time, I will have to bring her some MV’s Best Virginia Cocktail Peanuts. I am sure she will like them as much as we do.


MV’s Best Cocktail Peanuts are specially-prepared gourmet peanuts form Virginia. The big super crunchy peanuts come in seven flavours, some sweet and others salty and spicy. They are simple to serve with cocktails, and are an excellent accent to drinks on a hot summer evening. Perfect for impromptu entertaining!


MV’s Best Cocktail Peanuts are one of my favourite new entertaining staples they are fun, elegant, and easy. They also come elegantly-packaged for gift-giving, making them an ideal hostess gift.


Campari Spritz


Fill champagne flutes, wine glasses, or other pretty glasses with 1/3 Campari, and then top it up with well-chilled Prosecco.



Campari is an Italian aperitif that is flavoured with an infusion of herbs and fruits. It has a pretty dark orange-red colour. It is slightly bitter and something of an acquired taste. But, try it a few times and you’ll get hooked. Campari mixes well with citrus and sparkly water and wines. The classic way to serve Campari is with soda and a slice of orange. Old Italian men finish the day drinking Campari and soda at their favourite spot on their local piazza, watching the girls go by.



Bullies and hope

  This week the world was shocked the aggressive bulling of an elderly bus monitor by four boys. There was an outpouring of support and outrage. A website has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from strangers to let the elderly woman go on vacation and retire. 
I get the outrage and share it. We sadly live in a bully culture. Parents often applaud their children for being aggressive. Grown men and women are bullied at work by supervisors and employers. In the current economy many people have little or no recourse but to silently take it. In addition, we reward bullies on reality TV by watching them and enriching them with notoriety.
But there is hope. Strangers reach out and help to send an abused grandmother on vacation. People help flood and earthquake victims they will never meet. Here in Atlanta, my friend Toren and several of her colleagues are organizing a benefit for our friend Elise, who is fighting pancreatic cancer. The treatment required and the expenses – even with insurance – are daunting. It’s yet another example of hope in an often-discouraging time. tickets and info:
Darlings, have a sweet and shine your light as the world needs all the cheer and hope it can get!
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