Become the woman you want to be

Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg "became the women she always wanted to be". Jennifer Hudson didn’t even know she was a plus size until she came to Hollywood

In the neighborhood I’m from in Chicago, a 16 is normal,” the singer and actress said, according to People Magazine.

The Academy-award winner shrunk from size 16 to a size 6 when she became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Now, she is even smaller. Some say she is a size zero, and even though she looks healthy, some of her fans are upset. They say Hudson, who once publicly embraced her curves, has let down girls struggling with weight and body issues.
One blogger who stirred the controversy over Hudson’s new body wrote, “‘J. Hud is’ gorg-e-ous, thick, thin, whatever. She is friggin’ beautiful. But even in her desire — and need — to diet, would it have been so wrong to stop at a size 8? Or even a 6? Coming from a size 16, which is what she claims to have originally been even though I think homegirl was closer to a size 18 on a good day, that still would have been a tremendous accomplishment and success. She would’ve been thinner, she still would’ve been healthier, but she also would’ve been a realistic and relatable size. And Shape might’ve still put her on their cover.”

What a mean and envy-ridden statement!
The blogger says she worries about young girls struggling with “body image.” She takes a shot at Hudson by stating the singer was bigger that 16. If weight is so inconsequential why even mention it? The blogger then feels free to dictate that a 6 or an 8 is a “relatable” size, but zero isn’t. It is this kind of thinking that makes women and girls crazy. Why shouldn’t Jennifer Hudson be any size she wants? No one would have dared to openly criticize her for being larger?
This controversy is not about weight, it is about change. People like to label you “fat girl,” “bombshell,” “nice girl.” If you do anything to break out of your label you will get flack. That’s what happens to everyone — celebrity or not —when they change their image.
Change is stressful, but life is dull without it. Labels cramp your style and hold you back. They can even kill you, if you aren’t careful. Labels are used to keep you in your place.
I was social smoker until I quit cold turkey. I was terrified of gaining weight, so I walked like a fiend. I used quitting as a reason to exercise more, and it worked. I have never smoked again. I was also very thin and fit after I quit. You would think everyone would have been thrilled, but they weren’t. A friend made negative remarks about my thinness and my “snappy” personality. I know she just didn’t like the change in my status. She had to get used to me being a thinner non-smoker.  
When we were growing up, my mother liked to label me and my sister. School came easily to me, so I was “the smart one.” My sister got to be “the athletic one.” The better I did in school, the less I was encouraged to excel at anything physical. As a result, it took me years to really find my niche with yoga and Pilates, and to develop any confidence.
My mother wasn’t alone or ill-intentioned. Parents, teachers, and even friends often label in an attempt to find attributes or even solidarity, but that doesn’t make it any less restrictive.
Friends who bond over being overweight or single may become resentful, if a member of the duo or group loses weight or develops a serious relationship. It’s easy to point to jealousy as the cause for friction, but just as often the culprit is fear of change. The results can be shocking.
When two friends of mine in their late thirties married, it cost the bride another relationship. When she told her longtime ‘best’ friend about the engagement, her friend became distant. On the wedding day, her friend did not show up or even bother to call, yet she had agreed to be the maid of honour and only attendant. The two ‘friends’ never spoke again. The ‘friend’ evidently felt betrayed that the bride had the decided to change her life and get another ‘best friend’ by getting married. How twisted. How sad.
Fashion designer, philanthropist, and diva Diane von Furstenberg sums up the need to be free to find oneself, no matter what others may think. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become,” von Furstenberg says. “Fashion was absolutely an accident in my life. As a result of that, I was becoming independent, and I was becoming more and more the woman that I wanted to be. If I have any role in what I do in fashion, it’s to make women feel more confident. To be confident, makes you beautiful, makes you happy, makes you fulfilled.”
Darlings, you need to be free to become the woman you want to be. Labels are just a civilized shackle. Don’t let any one shackle you or your dreams.

Chatting with Gloria Govan

Gloria GovanDo you think you know all about the wives of pro athletes and their flossy lifestyles? Gloria Govan may challenge a few of your assumptions. 

Gloria and her sister star in the popular reality series Basketball Wives LA, on VH1. The mother of twin boys also coaches basketball at a local high school, and is the spokesperson for Headbanger Accessories. Gloria is also vice-president of her fiancé Matt Barnes’ charitable foundation. Athletes vs Cancer helps athletes motivate people to get regular cancer screenings.
Here what this “basketball wife” and modern woman told DolceDolce about being on a reality TV show and her personal style:
DD: What is the best thing about being on Basketball Wives, and what has been the most stressful? 
GG: There are two things I would consider being the best about being on BBWLA. The first thing is being home in California, and the second best thing, I think, answers the "most stressful" question too! That is getting a chance to actually film with girls I really know and like, which has served as both a gift and a curse. Lol. On a good note, I feel like all the women have so many more things in common with each other and the conversations aren’t forced. We all have kids. I can relate to them on different levels more so than I could with the girls from Miami. On the other hand, that same factor of knowing the girls so well is exactly what makes it stressful too, because you can relate and understand their situations and a lot of the time you find yourself being the therapist, or constantly the shoulder to lean on. You get everyone else’s drama dumped on you. Don’t get me wrong, this is the territory you accept when you are someone’s friend. But when you have a lot going on in your own life, it’s hard to the "middle man" for someone else’s drama.
DD: Who on the cast was the most supportive, and who was the hardest to deal with? And why? 
GG: For me, the easiest person to film with is my sister. We get along so well, and it is so easy to talk to her. She has been through a lot and understands everything I throw at her without judgment. She gives a lot of positive criticism and is always honest and supportive. As of now, the hardest person to get along with is Malaysia. Besides the fight with my sister, I feel like she thinks she is too good to hang out with us. And as she has shared with the women she is used to being the center of attention. And when things don’t go her way she shuts off. That just doesn’t work for me. Lol.
DD: How would you describe your own style?
GG: I would describe my style as laid back. I love costume jewelry and accessories. I feel like you could wear the simplest thing and dress anything up for any occasion with a few statement pieces. That’s why I and few girls have started an accessories line called Headbanger — very stylish unique earrings to help you stand our in any crowd.
DD: What are your three fashion must-haves?
GG: My three must-haves are: my Joe Skinny jeans, a cute pair of Havanas, for your running errand day, or my leopard close toe wedges, and lastly any pair of Headbanger earrings — lol — you can wear a white beater or sexy dress. 
DD: What is the secret to your fitness routine?
GG: Aw man, since we’ve moved to LA, I have become very serious about getting back into shape. And trust me when I say it hasn’t been easy. Lol. I think the secret to my fitness routine is not getting on a scale, but evaluating my progress solely on the way I feel in my clothes. For me, I have to keep my schedule and routine consistent. Working out at a specific time every day. My trainer keeps my workouts different every time so that my body never knows what’s coming. 
DD: What is the biggest misconception about Basketball Wives or pro sports wives?
GG: I would say the biggest misconception about Basketball Wives is that we are or were all groupies and gold-diggers. I feel like people think we get up in the morning and get dressed to set out on a mission to go find a Basketball Player. A lot of wives are high school sweethearts, met on a blind date, in college, or simply through mutual friends. 


DYI the latest celebrity hair trends

Zooey Deschenel The latest celebrity hair trends are a snap with good instructions and the right products. We love the soft natural hold that Pureology products give our hair.

A loose half-up, half-down look, as seen on Zooey Deschanel
·        Blow-dry hair using Pureology ColourStylist SilkBodifier voluminizing mousse and AntiSplitBlowDry styling cream.
·        Lightly mist ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray, to protect the hair from heat, and set hair in hot rollers.  Use large sections when setting the hair. Approximately 6-7 rollers needed for the whole head.
·        Blow dry bangs under with a large round brush.
·        When rollers are cool, remove them and finger brush your hair.
Lace the top crown area of the hair with a soft brush to create volume, then smooth it over with your brush using Pureology ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray. Loosely pull the hair from the ears up back into the crown and secure with bobby pins.
·        Finish with Pureology ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray for a long lasting coif.

A sleek low pony, as seen on Julie Bowen
·        Blow dry hair with Pureology ColourStylist AntiBreakageTwist for support and heat protection.
·        Flat iron hair with a center part using small sections to create a slick pony and the ends.
·        Emulsify a small amount of Pureology ColourStylist CuticlePolisher in your hand and wrap your hair around your head to the back at your occipital bone.
·        Secure the hair with an elastic.
·        Wrap a small piece of hair around pony and secure with a bobby pin to cover elastic.
·        Apply Pureology ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray for a high-shine hold — and you are Red Carpet ready!



Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Shower Gel has a scent that is a sensuous and exotic blend of mandarin, floral, and white woods. Into the Wild Our Signature Shower Gel is a perfect way to relax before a date or at the end of long day. 

The formula pampers your skin with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E as you soak your cares away. And, it’s only $10.50.

Apply aerate 08 all-over bodifying cream mousse

Guido for Redken at Versace  We love the accessible glamorous hair created by Redken Creative Consultant Guido for the Versace show in Milan.  

Guido’s take on the style:  “For Versace, we’ve created a big, bouncy blowout that has a light feel.  It’s gorgeous and rich, like a real Versace woman, and works really nicely with the clothing.”
Create the Look:
·        Apply aerate 08 all-over bodifying cream mousse to damp hair to create body and a lot of volume.
·        Blow-dry using a large round brush and set hair in pin curls.
·        Release pin curls and shake out hair for a full-bodied look with a slight curl at the ends.
Note: All models’ hair length was past the shoulders for this look.

Photo-ready glamour

Smashbox makes any one a pro!Professional makeup artists and models love SmashBox Studios for their gorgeous makeup in shades and textures that let you look photo-ready every day.

The makeup is truly “goof-proof,” and can make anyone a pro with practice.
Photo Op Eye Palettes lets you create a range of day and night eye looks.
Softbox: This is a palette of six ethereal shades let you create soft, pretty daytime eyes.
Smokebox lets you create the perfect smoky eye, just like you see on Kim Kardashian and other cover girls. This collection includes the new iridescent black you can use as a liner at night. This was a huge runway look and a must-have for the trend-savvy.
Scan the tag and get step-by-step professional instructions over the phone, or peel back the label on the palette, and follow the diagram. Both Snokebox for the perfect smoky eyeare $42
Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation SPF 10 gives skin a flawless, shine-free finish for up to 15 hours. The oil-free, lightweight formula perfects skin with light-diffusing spheres that render blemishes undetectable. It also pampers you skin with antioxidants and Vitamins A, E, and C. This truly lovely makeup lets skin natural beauty shine. $42.

Childhood secrets

The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman leads the reader through a maze of childhood memories that seem almost mundane.  

The death of a childhood friend reunites the old neighbourhood gang from the summer of ’77. The rambunctious Halloran boys have grown and are successful. They are burying their ne’er-do-well brother “GoGo” Gordon. Pudgy, earnest Gwen is now the editor of chic city magazine. She has retuned to the sleepy suburb to nurse her aging father. Mickey, the scruffy beauty is now a life-hardened flight attendant.
As the gang reunites, their memories uncover secrets that are not so innocent. Long buried resentments surface as fragilities, allegiances, and betrayals come to light.
Lippman masterfully builds suspense. She careful constructs the story from familiar  memories, leading the reader through a series of deceptions that seem banal and harmless, right until the end.
This is a truly fascinating tale of the innocence and evils that live among us all.

The “Skinnygirl” is back!

The Skinnygirl Workout is a follow-up to Bethenny Frankel’s first yoga DVD, Body by Bethenny. This time Bethenny is working out with accomplished yoga and Pilates instructor Mike McArdle.  

Talking about the DVD, Frankel, the star of Bethenny is Getting Married, says “people always ask me how I stay in shape. This is what I do.”
The DVD contains three quick, easy-to-follow yoga segments that tone the whole body. There is also a 12-minute bonus stretching segment, as well as recipes from The Skinnygirl Dish.
I liked McArdle’s calm and detailed instructions. The DVD provides a thorough, moderate workout. Bethenny is her wise-cracking self, and provides a welcome distraction, especially for reluctant exercisers.
This DVD is a good workout for beginners, and a great gift for Bethenny fans. Remember, it is time to start holiday shopping. I have!