Fabulous skin at any age

Decade-by-decade anti-aging tips from Dr. Jeannette GrafWomen always ask me the secret to great skin. It’s a good question, because today there is no reason not to have fabulous skin. A woman can improve her skin and get a healthy glow many ways — no matter her age or budget. 

Good products at every price
The good news is that good products are available at every price. If you think you need a big beauty budget to have beautiful skin – forget it. Some of the best cutting-edge research in skin care is done by the makers of Olay, Neutrogena, and other fabulously-effective products you can find right in your drug store.
Darlings, I love and use luxe lines too. I wouldn’t want to live without a few of them. The top luxury cosmetic firms also do incredible scientific research to formulate their anti-aging products. Doctors have created some of my favourite products. The trick is finding products that work for you and your budget. For me, that means a mix of things from different lines.
Decade-by-decade tips from an expert
Skin changes as you age and so do your skin care needs. I always rely on experts to guide me in my skin care and anti-aging regimes, so I asked Dr. Jeannette Graf to give DolceDolce readers her decade-by-decade tips for anti-aging.  Dr. Graf is an internationally-renowned expert in dermatology and anti-aging. She is also the author of the best-selling book, Stop Aging, Start Living.
20s – Protection
·        Sun protection must be a daily habit
·        Anti-oxidants in AM
·        The earliest signs of aging
30s – Revitalizing the skin
·        Begin to perform regular exfoliation
·        Retinol
40’s – Radiance
·        PHAs (gluconolactone)
·        Add pentapeptide products to regimen for wrinkles
50’s – Elasticity
·        Continue regimen
·        Add phytoestrogen for menopausal skin. Phytoestrogen contain ingredients such as soy or phytoage – both plant derived estrogens.
·        Continue PHA’s, Pentapeptides, PHA’s and retinol
Age 60 – Moisturization and sagging becomes worse
·        Using a thick rich collagen cream and continuing phytoestrogen as well as firming masks with algae, copper and collagen
Learn to read labels
The ingredients that Dr. Graf recommends, Retinol, PHAs (gluconolactone) and pentapeptide, are readily available in a wide range of products. It is important to learn to read labels. We review the very best from luxe to drug store brands weekly. We don’t bother with the bad or boring. To find our reviews, search on Google or Bing under DolceDolce and the product name for fast results.
Masks with copper and collagen can be difficult to find. I was introduced to them in Moscow. Even though I was now where near 60, they were recommended to help cell renewal. When I moved back here, the only one I was able find was Dr. Graf’s Vita Peptide Copper Collagen Infusion. I have used it for years, long before I ever spoke to Dr. Graf. It firms my skin and gives it a glow I really like. I also like the Olay Professional ProX Intensive Firming Treatment Kit with its firming masks. They leave skin plumper and firmer looking.
Today’s products are nothing short of miracle workers. There is also almost no end to what a good doctor can do for you with non-invasive procedures, should you choose that route. Even if you have scars from acne or serious sun damage, don’t despair; there are excellent fading creams and home peels. They give good results if you use them carefully and regularly. Do research and ask questions. If the department store lines are out of your budget, find a drug store with a beauty center – CVS in the U.S. has them. The staff is trained to know the products. At a department store, walk around and ask questions. Do research beforehand. Don’t let one person latch on and sell you one line; it may not be what you need. Also investigate online shopping for the professional/medical lines we often review and recommend. And feel to email us at domore@dolcedolce.com. We will try help you find your dream product. Darlings, there really is something for everyone.
Remember good products are only part of the good skin equation. Good nutrition and exercise are equally vital to getting a glow on. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants is as important as applying them to your skin. A diet rich in Omega 3 oil, protein, and citrus will also help you have great skin and hair, too. Did you know that Omega 3 oil can help to moisturize skin from the inside out, as well as help to minimize break outs? And don’t forget your citrus. Vitamin C is essential for building collagen – the stuff that holds your face up.  Good nutrition shows on your face as well as your hips. Eat too many donuts darling – and you’ll look like one. That is beauty karma. Remember all things in moderation!
And get moving. Exercise does more than bring a pretty blush to your cheeks! Regular vigorous exercise actually changes the way your blood flows, and that helps make your skin younger and more vital-looking. You will look younger for many reasons when you work out regularly. If you exercise outside, use a good sun screen and reapply.
Darlings, there has never been a better time to be a woman. Beauty has never been more accessible. Revel in yours!

How to be the perfect (wardrobe) mistress

Store fine woolens in pristine condition to preserve themFine knits are expensive. How you clean and store your delicate and fine clothing will affect the look and life of them. Putting away a garment even a little bit soiled with perspiration can begin to rot the fibers. Stains that are left untreated can become permanent, and soiled garments can also attract pests that can eat your pretty clothes. Dry cleaning can be costly, but you can do as Bergdorf Goodman’s does and use Dryel to keep your cashmere and other garments fresh.

Dryel on the Go,is the best instant stain remover pen I have tried. It is gentle and lifts stains like magic. I like it much better than the detergent pens and will be laying in a stock of them. It left no ring and lifts stains even from light fabric.
We asked a Dryel expert for tips on how to use it.
What fabrics can you use Dryel on?
It is safe for use on virtually all fabrics. This includes most fabrics that are normally laundered, most fabrics that are typically dry-cleaned, and also a number of household fabrics, such as curtains, tablecloths, etc.
For fabrics that tend to water spot (silk and rayon), Dryel should be used only after testing in an inconspicuous area. In general, it’s always a good idea to test in an inconspicuous area before use on your fabrics.
Dryel should not be used on leather, velvet, suede, or fur. For knit sweaters with small stains, we recommend using the stain pen without scrubbing, as this may cause some of the threads in the sweater to loosen.
Can Dryel remove stains from food or make-up? How should you treat clothes with stains?
The Dryel Stain Remover pen works well on a variety of common stains such as coffee, tea, and cola. It even removes stains such as lipstick and make-up. For heavy soils, large spills and other difficult stains, professional dry cleaning may be required.
Love this stain remover pen from Dryel the best yet!To remove stains:
·        Prep it. Remove excess residue from stain and place napkin behind.
·        Tip: Always check for colorfastness prior to stain removal
Scrub it.
·        While squeezing pen, use scrubber like an eraser to eliminate stain.
·        Tip: After stain removal, blot with napkin to remove excess solution if needed.
To clean lightly soiled clothes:
Steam it.
·        Unfold Dryel cleaning cloth and add to dryer along with 1-4 garments to be cleaned.
·        Tumble dry on medium heat for 15 minutes.
·        For larger loads or extra freshening, use 2 cloths
Wear it
·        Wear immediately or hang up clean and fresh garments promptly to help wrinkles fall out.
Can you use Dryel to remove body odor?
Yes, Dryel is effective at removing a variety of odors, including body odor, smoke, and food odors. For best results, treat perspiration as a stain and use Dryel Stain Remover before the in-dryer cleaning step.
Is Dryel safe for vintage garments?
Yes, Dryel is safe for vintage garments, provided they can withstand tumbling in the dryer.
Will Dryel help to remove wrinkles?
It will, but to help minimize wrinkling:
  • Fill the Dryel bag or dryer only half full. The items inside the bag need to tumble freely.
  • Clothes should be slightly damp at the end of the cycle. If too dry, reduce the time by five (5) minutes, If too wet, increase the time by five (5) minutes.
  • Button and zip items placed in the Dryel bag or in the dryer.
  • Group similar fabric types together.
  • Hang or fold items between wearing and using Dryel.
  • When garments are removed from the Dryel bag or dryer, hang them promptly.
  • Touch up with an iron if needed, depending on the type of fabric the garment is made of.
Does Dryel kill moths or anything else could be in clothes?
No, Dryel will not kill or eliminate moths. It is designed to refresh your clothes, remove stains, and extend the time between professional dry cleanings. 
Can you use Dryel on blankets?
Dryel can be used on oversized items, such as blankets, curtains, drapes, as long as they are not too large to tumble freely in the Dryel bag or dryer. 
Can it be used or furs  – real or faux?
Dryel should not be used on leather, velvet, suede, or fur.
Is Dryel safe for beaded garments?
Yes, Dryel is safe for use on garments trimmed with beads and sequins.
What is the best way to store cashmere or wool during off seasons to prevent damage?
Cashmere and wool sweaters should not be stored on hangers as this can cause their shape to become distorted.
DolceDolce tip: Do not store any knitted dresses or coats, even on special hangers. Their weight will cause them to stretch. Double knits may be hung, but light or sweater knits are better folded. Beaded clothes should also be folded as they will also stretch and distort when hung.
How should cashmere and wool be stored out of season?
Cashmere and wool should be stored in sealed bags to guard against insect infestation.
Should cleaning be stored in plastic or cloth bags – and why?
Cashmere/wool should preferably be stored in cloth bags to allow the fabric to breathe.
DolceDolce Tip: I prefer storing fine garments in wrapped in fabric or acid-free tissue, and then sealed in plastic boxes or bags with enough room for garments to breathe. I do not recommend “space bags” or anything that compacts the garments. Dryel is sold at stores where laundry products are sold.

Get an energy boost

Working or playing late can leave a girl feeling run down. So can a lingering cold or flu, or too much stress. Any of these things can make losing weight, working out, or just getting through the day a chore. So instead of reaching for a fattening latte, why not get a natural boost.

Arbonne Essentials are a line of quality nutritional supplements. Arbonne Energy Fizz Tabs have only 10 calories each, but pack a high-energy jolt. They are also designed to help boost metabolism. They contain a blend of green tea, B vitamins, and other minerals. There is also green tea caffeine, taurine, and ginseng from Arbonne’s Energy Booster Blend. Just one tasty tab sends me soaring for hours.
Antioxidant & Immunity Booster is a concentrated juice shot with added botanicals, such as Milk Thistle, Holy Basil, Amal powder, olive and elderberry to boost immunity. There is also added green tea, caffeine and taurine and ginseng from Arbonne’s Energy Booster Blend.
Remember darlings, sleep, exercise and a proper diet are the way to go. So use even these more-healthful helpers just once in while as they do pack a wallop of caffeine along with the good stuff. www.arbonne.com

No more bad breath!

Bad breath can be the kiss of death. Image by LissenThere are few things worse than having to talk to some with really bad breath. It knocks you out and can even make you nauseous. It can be the kiss of death professionally, as no one wants to be around it. Who needs that in this economy? And, it is definitely a turn-off romantically and socially! I remember a guy one of my friends dated. I don’t know how she stood it. I dreaded running into them; his breath was so bad, it made me ill. 

There is a mouthwash called Smart Mouth that can tame dreaded dragon breath. It is the only mouthwash proven to give you fresh breath all day and all night, regardless of what you eat or drink. One rinse with Smart Mouth in the morning, according to its creators, gives you fresh breath all day. One rinse at night and it promises you can wake up with no morning breath! That may sound unbelievable, but it’s been clinically-proven and independently-verified. You can see the proof at www.smartmouth.com. I tired it after eating raw onion, which I adore and often avoid before any social or work situations. It worked fabulously well.
Here are some tips to avoid bad breath from an expert, the creator of Smart Mouth, Dr. Susanne Cohen:
1. Limit your libations. While those alcoholic beverages may lessen first-date jitters or help set the mood for a romantic night, alcohol is a drying agent that can dehydrate the body and mouth. The result? Alcohol can cause or worsen bad breath on your big date and leave you with a painful headache the next day. Try to limit yourself to one drink per hour and have a glass of water between each one. 
2. Pass on a protein-packed meal. Carb-conscious diners beware, all of that additional protein is actually food for the germs that live in our mouths. From those proteins, germs create bad breath gases.
3. Cut out the coffee. Everyone knows about coffee breath, but what they may not know is it that is not caused by drinking coffee alone. Coffee itself smells delicious! “Coffee breath,” as we know it, is the result of coffee on top of already-existing bad breath. So, stay away from that mid-afternoon Starbucks and stick to water.
4. Go lightly on the Godiva. While chocolates do have some benefits – they give you an immediate blood sugar boost, and dark chocolate contains tryptophan which triggers the release of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. You need to be careful not to overindulge. After about an hour, the germs that cause bad breath will begin to increase, putting you at risk for a less-than-fresh farewell kiss. 
5. Watch out when you wake up! Everyone wakes up with morning breath every day. The morning after swooning over your sweetheart is no exception. Especially if you overindulged in the above-mentioned bad breath foes. Try discreetly to make your way to the restroom before you roll over to say good morning.

Go for the gold

Editors love this soft gold Gucci clutchIf you want a quick spring/summer update, add a touch of touch of gold for day or night to any outfit. Editors went mad for this soft and chic Gucci clutch. I like this elegant bag from the classic This chic little bag is only $69 from classy Whitening & Davismaker Whitening& Davis for only $69


Style it “write”

The Parker Jotter Even though we are in the age of the gadget, a lady needs a pen to sign her lunch cheque, the delivery slip from Rue La La, her AmEx charge, and for any number of sundry little items. And if she is a lady of style, she does not want to search around in her bag for any old piece of plastic that will scribble. Alas, pens have a way of disappearing. The solution is a stylish well-priced pen that doesn’t leak, but still looks good. Leave the fabulous fountain pens on your desk for thank you notes and billet-doux. That’s what I do.

 Parker’s Jotter Premium with its satin black, stainless steel chiseled finish looks and feels stylish for a reasonable price, just $22. You can get a gel refill if you prefer.
Cross Classic Century Ballpoint PenI also like the Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen with 23 Karat gold-plated accents in matte black. This is a very slim and elegant pen for the price, $50.


Beauty on the go

Neostrata Foaming GlycolicWash AHA 20 is the perfect way to up your skin care game. It contains 18 percent glycolic acid and 2 percent lactobionic acid, and a gentler form of glycolic acid, to speed cell renewal and smooth your skin. It is recommended for experienced glycolic users. I have sensitive skin and I still use it two to three times a week to reduce fine lines and smooth skin. I love the clean soft feeling it leaves behind.


Easy smoky spicy tomato soup

Spicy and smoky a perfect foil to good chrunchy breadThis spicy tomato soup is snap to make, it is even easier than our original version. It makes a fabulous lunch or an elegant first course. It is the perfect showcase for a good olive oil. This soup makes your life easy when entertaining and pressed for time – yet no one is short-changed. And it makes a perfect weekend lunch with a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.

Sauté 1 small chopped onion in 1tbsp. of good olive oil until soft, not brown with 1-2 tsp of dried chili flakes. Adjust the amount of chilies to your own taste for heat.
Sauté 2 minutes with 1 heaping tsp of ground cumin. If you like spicy, add more, but be cautious.
Purée and then add 1 large can Glen Muir Organic Fire Roast tomatoes or a large can of good quality San Marzano tomatoes.  The tomatoes must be this quality. In the summer, you can substitute three cups of seeded and pureed very juicy fresh tomatoes.
½ cup water
1 ½ tsp smoked paprika
1 tbsp sugar or 1pkg. sweetener
Bring to a light boil, and then simmer for 10 minutes
1tbsp kosher salt.
Correct salt and serve.
To serve, finish the soup with a good olive oil and large toasted croutons of good bread. Just put a light circle of oil on the top of the soup.
Toast the bread lightly. Rub it with a peeled clove of garlic, and sprinkle lightly with the fried or fresh herbs of your choosing. Then toast again lightly! Simple and delicious.