1. Amore Pacific Age Correcting CC

    _12343811 If you are a fan of the exclusive Korean

    skincare line Amore Pacific,

    as I am, you may be wondering how their new

    Amore Pacific Age Correcting Foundation Cushion

    Broad Spectrum SPF 25

    differs from their popular  Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50.  

    Besides the additional anti-aging botanicals packed into the

    Age Correcting Foundation Cushion here are the main differences I noticed:

    The Age Correcting Foundation Cushion is very moist but less dewy on my skin.

    The Color Control Cushion Compact is very dewy looking,

    so I need to blot it at times. The Age Correcting Foundation

    Cushion isn’t matte but it is not at all shiny and to my eye

    It has a more “finished look”.

    The Age Correcting Foundation Cushion does offer a little heavier coverage

    but you can apply it so it looks and feels very light and sheer.

    If you want — or are used to “coverage” or “foundation” — you won’t like either.

    Both formulas “float” on your skin. The look is very natural and pretty.

    I admit I am mystified by the difference in SPF between the two compacts,

    I suspect it has to with making the formula for older women more hydrating and less drying.

    In the end, it is unimportant. Wearing a hat is real answer to prolonged sun exposure.

    If your skin is very dry, sensitive, and you want smooth out minor flaws and keep a no-makeup glow consider the new Amore Pacific Age Correcting Foundation Cushion.

    On the other hand, if your skin is normal or just slightly dry and you are looking for sun protection, a little camouflage, and pretty natural look the Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact might be your best option.

    I wear shade 102, it is perfect on my very fair ivory skin. If you look at the shades on line they can look deceptive. 102 can appear very pink on a screen and it is actually called Light, Pink.  Don’t be put off, I wear it and I have no pink tones my skin. It is best to try it out on at store, if possible.

    The Amore Pacific Age Correcting Foundation Cushion costs $80, with one refill.

    The Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact, costs $60, with one refill.