1. AHAVA beauty from the Dead Sea

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    I have loved the AHAVA skin care line since a friend brought back

    a tube of AHAVA DEAD SEA MUD MASK in the 1970’s when the line first launched.


    Using the healing minerals of the Dead Sea, the line has only gotten better.

    AHAVA OSMOTER FACE CONCENTRATE is a serum that that “boosts hydration, clarity,

    and luminosity counteracting the signs of aging”. It contains a concentration of Dead Sea minerals

    that have been used to heal skin since ancient times, as well as a special brown algae to brighten skin,

    lactic acid, glycerin, aloe and other botanicals and oils. This lightweight serum sinks into your skin

    and leaves it soft and hydrated. I love the clean, fresh feeling of AHAVA,

    as well as their straight-forward approach to skin care. Their products are effective and luxurious without being extravagant.

    If you have been looking for a well-priced anti-aging serum that also tackles age-spots this is definitely one to try.



    If you are not currently using a good skin care regime you may want to take advantage of AHAVA’S DEAD SEA OSMOTER SUPERSERUM TRIO.



    Remember:  Sun screen is a must to preserve the results of any skin care regime.