1. The buzz about beauty serums

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    Beauty serums aren’t new but there is a lot of buzz about them lately. Women are demanding more from their skin care. Fresh, natural and healthy have replaced words like “young” and “youthful” in chic women’s beauty parlance.  The emphasis is on having a natural glow.

    Serums pack the punch you need to get that glow as they are packed with all the ingredients you skin needs in the purest form. These powerful light potions are made to go on your clean skin.Serums are not new to DECLÉOR they are basis of this plant-based French skin “Aroma Duo Concept”. There is different serum and treatment product duo for every skin type. The line is designed to “regenerate the skin, drain toxins, treat the skin from within and impart lasting radiance.” DECLÉOR daytime Aromessence treatment serums and nighttime treatments are all 100% natural, pure, active and preservative-free essential oil blends. DECLÉOR created the “aroma duo” concept; an innovative skin care system where a “duo” of an essential oil serum and a plant based cream, gel or mousse – for your skin type – work together synergistically to work deeply and effectively.

    The company was founded by a team of experts in France in 1974 combining nature with scientific expertise.

    I  was recently sent a sample of  Aromessence Marjolaine Nourishing Serum for dry and very dry skin.  I opened it right away.  Just the scent of these natural beauty oils was like a visit to my favourite spa. The rich blend of Marjolaine, Lavender, Myrrh, Rosemary, and Orange Peel and other essential oils were quickly absorbed. My skin, which was more sensitive than usual due to bout of flu, was instantly soothed and calm.

    Even with flu my skin looked refreshed and moist. And it felt so much better too.

    In the evening I applied  Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Balm as a final soothing step in my evening skin care regime. The Balm had arrived with the serum.

    The soft, lightly scented balm melted into my skin. The balm is blend of pure beeswax, rich emollient oils, and essential oils.  It kept my skin moist all night. I also found the scent very relaxing. Neroli oil is one of the oldest beauty and healing oils known to man. It was used by the ancients. $48

    DECLÉOR skin care is an excellent option for any woman looking effective and luxurious natural skin care.