1. Sexy, real gold massage oil

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    Lulu 24k Edible Massage Oil will make you feel like Cleopatra with flakes of real gold 24 karat gold. This rich oil shimmers as you luxuriate in precious and natural pheromones. It has a delicious fruit scent you will be tempted to taste it. It really smells delicious –and luckily it is edible. $40

    Sahara Shimmering Massage Oil gives skin a pretty glimmer just like the one you see on the legs of models and celebrities. $38

    Luz de la Riva Gift Set gift with purchase the entire month of December

    The gift includes minis of the brands most popular products: Lola Body Wash, Sophia Soy Wax Candle and Sahara Shimmering Oil.

    This line is drop dead sexy – and must for every  femme fatale.

    It is the perfect way to make the New Year sparkle!