1. Fast-fixes for a red face

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    Red, irritated skin always seems to happen at the worse times, just like a bad break out.

    Right before a party your skin gets red and irritated.

    Dr. Harry Glassman is a world-renowned plastic surgeon with over 35 years of experience.

    He is also the founder of the SkinClincal skin care line.

    Dr. Glassman has tips on how to avoid and treat skin irritation.

    Dr. Glassman’s tips for a beautiful complexion:

    “Prevent yourself from looking like Rudolph the red faced party guest by making sure your body is always well hydrated. Redness is caused by inflammation, which is a consequence of dryness. Treating the problem at its source involves adequate hydration.


    To make sure you are getting enough water each day, divide your body weight by 16, which will determine the number of 8-ounce glasses of water you need per day, at a minimum.”


    Always use a topical cream to aid in combatting dryness.

    SkinClinical Extreme Healing is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, which penetrates to the level of the dermis and attracts and binds 100 times its weight in water. It also contains the amino acid arginine, which is critical in maintaining and repairing the skin barrier, which is compromised in cold, dry weather conditions.


    If you wake up with an unfortunate blemish in a less than desirable spot, Dr. Glassman suggests avoiding a long, hot shower. Forego your usual spritz of fragrance, which might get too close to the irritated spot and cause inflammation.


    “Cleanse your face with a cleanser and washcloth, rather than using water splashed directly on your face. Also, consider an Oxy-fusion hydrating facial for a red carpet worthy holiday party glow. Target any extra dry spots with SkinClinical to help treat and repair the skin.”