1. Trend alert: paper beauty masques get “sex appeal”

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    Is there anything less sexy than a paper beauty masque?

    They really are a little scary looking, so the newest trend is to give them sex appeal.

    I use the term loosely. I have seen new beauty masques in black lace and leopard print.


    I think the idea is cute but no less strange looking than plain old white. I recently tried a new  Patchology Flash Masque in Leopard Print.


    patchology_leopard_hydrate_mask__60185.1442935761.600.600I am big fan of Asian paper beauty masques. I love the  way they hydrate and plump.

    Patchology FlashMasque  is cut a little different and is supposed to be less sticky and messy. I have never been bothered by the mess. I  just rub the extra into my hands and décolleté. And I really didn’t see much difference in the shape the Patchology  Flash Masque or the amount of serum.


     I like the ingredients in the Patchology Flash Masque The masque contains some of my favourite skin hydrators and refreshers, including hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, Glycerin and Arginine.


    These cute and effective masques are priced at  $8 for a single Masque and $30 for a 4 Pack.


    Keep them on hand to use as a quick pick-me-up before holiday parties or

    Use them as a stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts.

    I often give my close friends a selection of my favourite masques in a little bag tied with a ribbon. Everyone loves getting beauty treats as a surprise.


    Find them at Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com from October 2015-February 2015.