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    Forgotten Ways for Modern Days: Kitchen Cures and Household Lore for a Natural Home and Garden,  by Rachelle Blondel,  is a slim volume containing  housekeeping and gardening wisdom. Blondel offers ideas with appeal for the modern homemaker looking for cleaning, personal care, and gardening solutions that are both effective and chemical free. 


    This book stood out not only because it is charming and well-written but also because  it is full of tips that most women will actually use. Unlike many similar books, this one is not full of overly complicated recipes or projects that are too ugly to appeal to a modern woman.


    Blondell shares ideas such as how to use egg shells and suggestions for helping bees.  There are directions for making your own lotions and potions but also good advice on  laundry, using lemons and other similar ideas. There are also many thrifty and fun ideas to re-purpose and repair household items. I especially like her direction for making reusable waxed beeswax food wrap and recipes for fragrant bath teas!


    This is a fun and useful book for gardeners and anyone who loves to craft and cook.