1. Quick and easy holiday glam

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    After a long day, looking fabulous for a holiday

    party isn’t easy. 

    Many parties, even during the festive season,

    are casual –so you will probably want to avoid

    looking over-dressed or fussy.


    Here are three ways to look special in a just a few minutes.

    Red lipstick:  Red lips are sexy. Even science has confirmed it.

    You need the right shade of red.Amourlipgloss

     If you look best in warm colours you will want a coral-red.SmashboxlengdaryTruered


    If you wear pinker reds then choose a berry red or deep wine.

    And a “true red” looks good on almost everyone.


    If you don’t like the feel or look of lipstick, try a sheer gloss

     or Baume instead.


    Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in

    True Red is a sheer coral-red, perfect for fair skin. 

    This sheer lip colour looks and feels lighter than most glosses.




    Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in True Red is

    a moist, beautiful shade of classic red.

     It contains Shea butter for lasting hydration and

     vitamins C and E to protect.

    This flattering matte red is easy for most women to wear.



    Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate is a deep, sexy red.

    It is a long wearing and intense lipstick.




    High heels for added appeal


     A pair of heels worn with any outfit adds flare.

    Heels can also make you look thinner.

    This is a trick French women have used for years.

    Select classic pumps, strappy sandals, or boots

    to pair with casual clothes. 

    With jeans, stick to leather and suede shoes that don’t look too froufrou.


    If you can’t wear heels then opt for a pretty ballet-style flat.

    Do not wear your run-around, old beat up shoes. Think Chanel or Papagallo!


    DolceDolceTip: If your shoes hurt you may have the wrong size or width!

    If you  think you may have a wide foot –and ladies measure.

    There are charts on line. Stand on paper and have some else trace your feet.  

    Do both feet as they can be different sizes.

    You may need a D width for wider feet or wear bigger size in some brands!

    Dressy shoes  so come in widths. When you shoes fit they don’t hurt.

     Another tip is  that Footpetals make heels so much more comfortable!

    I love these little pads under my toes.

    I live in my  heels. 


    Sleek sexy hair

    Nothing says glamour like fabulous hair.

    Blow your hair dry so it looks glossy and sleek.

    Try a trendy, sexy, side part or smooth ponytail.

     A stylish ornament, like a very pretty fake fur pom-pom,

     is special but still casual.


     Philip B. Drop Dead Straightening Baume is a non-chemical straightening treatment 

    for creation of a beautiful, straight, sleek,

     frizz-free styles. It contains pure

    “Matricaria & Althaea Extracts to gently relax curls and waves

    and help maintain a sleek, glossy style.” It also helps eradicate frizz and shortens your blow-drying time.



    Anastasia’ Genuine Fox Fur Hair Pin

    $90.00           Nordstrom