1. Laneige BB Cushioned Compact with SPF 50


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    Laneige is a Korean skin care line that has beauty mavens buzzing.

    The line can be bought from Target.

    They offer many products that are said to perform as well

     as high-priced beauty-cult favourites for half the price.


    The contains mineral water and Arbutin to help prevent sun spots. 


    BB Cushion Compacts are designed to protect and perfect skin.

    The compacts hold a BB cream that is designed to hydrate, 

    and even skin tone. They also contain anti-aging ingredients and a powerful sun screen.


    The Laneige Cushioned Compact is available

    in three shades that will work for most skin tones, from fair to olive. 


    I love BB Cushion Compacts. They give my skin a glow

     and an even tone that is “better than naked” but natural, even in strong sunlight.


    The Laneige BB Cushioned Compact with SPF 50

     at $34 is much less costly than my favourite from Amore Pacific.

     It also comes with a refill. One of the main differences

     between the two brands is that the Laneige contains fewer

     or no pure botanicals, which is a main feature of the Amore Pacific line.


    The Laneige BB Cushioned Compact with SPF 50 may be an attractive option if you are looking for a beauty bargain. 


    Find it at Target or online.