1. Grill outside, all winter

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    Some of the best  cooks cook grill outside all year round – even in very cold places.  It seems they know what they are doing! “The trend of year-round grilling is taking off due to the rise and accessibility of outdoor kitchens,” according to Jim Ginocchi, President of Coyote Outdoor Living.


    Jim also said, “We have seen a strong, continuous growth in popularity the Sun Belt states and warmer U.S. regions, and there has a significant increase in the Mid- and North-Atlantic as well.”


    A few simple tips can help you to  getting cold-weather grilling right.


    Here are Jim Ginocchi’s  to get your grill on with a chill on:


     First, get a good gas grill on a cart to reduce prep time and bring it closer to the house.


    Allow additional time for your grill to heat up. It might take a bit longer than usual.


    Prep the dishes indoor as much as possible. Do they need to be on a tray, a skewer, or marinated? Be ready before you step outside.


    Keep the lid on as much as possible to keep heat consistent and use a timer to reduce the heat loss caused by opening the hood too often.