1. Get rid of static cling!


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    Once you turn the heat on, the air gets dry and things can get “shocking”! According to the experts who make Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus spray and the Downy Ball, one of the lesser-known purposes of fabric softener is to prevent static cling.


    If like me you are a little absent-minded and can never remember to add fabric softener at the right time – even though you love the smell and benefits – the Downy Ball makes it so easy. You can just pour your favorite fabric softener into the ball, seal it, and drop it into the washing machine. The ball then automatically releases fabric softener during the rinse cycle. The scents are so delicious, too – perfect for sweaty workout clothes.


    Tips for getting rid of static cling from Downy’s experts:


    A great tool to get rid of static cling is the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus spray. It has more than 101 uses and one of them is eliminating static cling. Not only will you remove static charges from your clothes but they will be left with a fresh scent.


    Place a safety pin on the inner hem of clothing to dispel any static charge. Instead of shocking you, the charge will go to the pin.


    Place a damp towel or cloth inside the dryer. Use the lowest heat setting. The clothing will not become as dry and susceptible to static.


    Take clothes out of the dryer before they are completely dry. Allowing them to air dry the rest of the way will better prevent static, due to the reduction of heat and friction between clothing.


    Instead of wearing rubber-soled shoes, wear leather-soled shoes – which are non-conducting – to help prevent static.


    Use aluminum foil balls in the dryer. The foil will pick up any charge from the clothing in the dryer.


    Spray a fine mist of distilled water on clothing after it comes out of the dryer; it will kill any static that is clinging to the clothing.


    Slip clothes with a static charge through a metal hanger. Just like the safety pin and aluminum foil, the metal hanger will pick up any charge that is in your clothing.


    If you have static cling on clothes you are already wearing, place a thick layer of moisturizing lotion on your skin, underneath your clothes. The moisture from the lotion will counteract the dryness of the clothing.


    DolceDolce tip:

    Run a dryer sheet over your hair, legs, or tights to prevent static cling. It works instantly.

    If this is a frequent problem, keep a sheet or two neatly folded in small plastic bag that you have lightly perforated. Your handbag and gym bag will be nicely scented also.