1. Respect

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    No one is perfect. We all mess up sometimes. May be we feel overwhelmed or have take on too much –or we just mess up and hurt someone. If we are smart we straighten things out and if necessary make amends. But, the ebb and flow of this type of behaviour should be very limited.


    When it comes to being on time, respect, kindness and all the little niceties that make up a friendship if the scales are not balanced, you might be the problem. Because, my darlings – and I am guilty of this, too – people will treat the way you let them.


    So if friends are careless with your friendship, gently remind them of the missed appointment or other offence. Don’t lecture but be firm about the problem. If a friend or colleague is dismissive of your work or help – and this happened to me recently – don’t offer it so easily again, no matter how sweetly they ask. Believe me, no matter how coolly they receive the information people get the message. This isn’t about playing a game of tit-for-tat – it is about standing up for your value and demanding to be treated as you deserve. When it comes to respect, actions speak louder than words.


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