1. Rock and Roll hair at Jenny Packham

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    “This girl is rock ‘n roll all over – her hair is texturized and lived in, like every night is the best night of her life”, said Stylist Kevin Ryan created the hair looks for the Jenny Packham Spring/Summer 2016 Show for New York Fashion Week. ” It’s a nod to Patti Smith but without any retro sentiment.


    How to get the look:


    Start with dry hair and spray it lightly with UNITE Beach Day to create a rough base.


    Next, spray UNITE Texturiza and UNITE Tricky Lite from the root to the ends to add texture and grip.


    Rough up the hair but making sure to pull it down so that it is straight with volume at the top.


    Part the hair in the center, and go into the roots at the crown of the head with the UNITE Pro-Systems Flat Iron to give lift to the roots, creating a sexy, carefree bump.


    To finish the look, lightly backcomb the roots on the crown if extra lift is needed, then loosely pull the front of the hair back behind the ears.