1. Blow-dry help

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    Any woman who goes to a salon knows that a good blow-dry is the easier way to make your hair look great. But it can also be time-consuming and tricky to do at home. The Click N Curl makes it easier to blow-dry and style your hair, especially if you already use two brushes to get the job done.


    The Click N Curl is a set of six lightweight, ceramic-coated brush-heads and an easy-release brush handle. You can use the brushes to style and curl your hair. You leave the brushes in your hair while they cool. The brush heads act as rollers.


    The set consists of six rollers and one handle. You use your own hair dryer.

    The sets come three sizes and it is possible to buy additional single rollers.


    I love the idea. I wash and dry my hair almost daily due to sweaty workouts. And I often use three brushes to speed things up. It is awkward as the weight of the handles pull the brushes down.


    The Click N Curl is a great idea especially if you are a frequent blow-dryer. It is important to read the website section on selecting the right set. Do not assume. According to the site, my hair is long to very long and requires two sets in size medium. I would never call my hair very long – to me, Cher’s hair is very long.


    But it explains why the rollers kept falling out when I first tried it. I was overloading them. However, the need to buy two sets to do my hair makes me hesitate over The Click and Curl. The cost of one medium set is $49.99. That is about $100 total. It is expensive. Most women I know would need at least two sets and many of them would need three or four.


    If you blow dry frequently and leave your bushes in, this is an option to try.