1. Gadget protection – you will love!

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    Today a phone and iPad or tablet is as much of an “accessory” for a professional woman as her shoes or handbag. A few months a, I bought an iPad mini 2 but just couldn’t find the right case for it.


    I usually put a new phone in a case as soon as I turn it on to avoid mishaps and wanted to do the same with my iPad but I couldn’t find a case I liked. None of them seem right. The ones that would protect it looked wrong and the ones that looked right were useless.


    So when I had a chance to try a dux case from S TM bags I was more than ready. I love it. The case will protect my iPad mini from drops of 6.6 feet. It protects from random drips of coffee or soda. The patent-pending magnetic closure holds it at a good angle for viewing or typing. And it has a magnetic closure to help save the battery.


    It does make the iPad mini a little heavier, but I don’t mind that at all. The peace of mind is worth it. I actually love this case.


    About $50.00