1. Amazing masks!

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    Heat, humidity, pollution, and air conditioning can make you skin look tired just when you want a healthy glow. Skin starts to look rough, even a little greasy. Your pores may look large and skin can be a little dull or sallow. 

    Using the right mask just once or twice a week can be the fastest way to regain radiance. In just 10 minutes, skin is instantly refreshed. You won’t believe what these new masks can do for your skin.


    Here are a few of our new favourites to try:

    There are the weeks that add years to your face. Try Roloxin Lift. Its “unique formulation combines a matrix of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica particles forming a latticework atop the skin to create a bright, smooth, luminous appearance”.


    There are 10 little packets in the box. You knead the packet right before you open it and apply it. The mask dries to a white powder that you remove, and then you can apply your usual skin care.


    This mask leaves skin glowing, lifted, and smoothed. The effect lasts 24 hours so you can look perfect for any event, or just use it to recover from a grueling week. I really like this mask. It doesn’t duplicate a facelift or even Botox but it does make you look fabulous. You skin will smooth out and get a bit of a glow.


    The company says that, “the patented technology that powers Roloxin Lift was developed in conjunction with the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, which is consistently ranked one of the world’s top ten research universities”.




    If you are looking for an organic anti-aging mask to refresh and help firm skin, try Acure’s Cell Regenerating Mask. French Green Clay draws out impurities while Moroccan Argan Oil, CoQ10, and Seabuckthorn Oil hydrate with the added punch of potent anti-oxidants.


    The mask contains Acure’s Chlorella growth factor or CGF. According to the company, CGF is clinically proven to protect collagen and elastin fibers from enzymes that destroy them.

    It also contains “Active stem cells” from Argan oil which “contain all the beneficial markers that a specific plant carries. Being able to isolate and amplify these benefits up to 1,000 times their natural bioavailability makes stem cell science so unique”. This makes a very effective and well-priced pick-me-up for tired skin.


    My sensitive skin loved this mask. It left my skin soft and hydrated.





    If heat and humidity have brought on breakouts, Indie Lee’s Clearing Mask is the one to try. It contains Bentonite Clay, Zinc Oxide, Colloidal Sulfur, Salicylic Acid, and Glycolic Acid all help to keep skin clear. The clay draws out excess oil, Zinc Oxide and Colloidal Sulfur help calm acne, and Salicylic and Glycolic work to keep pores clear and skin texture refined.


    Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed, and Chamomile extract help to soothe and rehydrate skin. $60Indie Lee’s Clearing Mask


    I tried this mask on my dry, stressed skin after a week of air quality warnings. Even the few blocks I walk to yoga had left my skin feeling grungy. But the mask was like a mini facial.