1. Spa Water Infusion

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    If you go to a luxurious spa, chances are you will be served a glass of fruit-infused water. It will most likely be filtered tap water that has been infused, or luxed-up, with slices of lemon and cucumber. A few years ago there was even a popular diet based on drinking special infused or “detoxed” water. Some people claim it helps you to lose weight or belly fat. 

    I have seen no medical evidence of that, but it is delicious and healthful. Europeans have enjoyed it for years. My favourite Italian gourmet deli in Toronto always has big, beautiful dispenser for customers to enjoy. 

    My favourite summer time version includes watermelon and lemon. Here is how to make it:


    In a pretty pitcher or dispenser:

    (The more elegant it looks, the better it tastes.)


    1 quart of filtered water

    Several cubes of watermelon (about ¼ cup)

    1 washed organic lemon, sliced

    Bamboo or toothpicks

    Make little stacks of melon and lemon to add to the water

    Chill covered, at least 2 hours

    Serve with mint or basil sprigs to taste


    Never keep uncovered water in the fridge. Even a clean refrigerator has odors. I also don’t like to keep fruit or herbs in water too long as I feel it gets “rotten” tasting and icky looking. Wash all vegetables and fruit well before adding. Even organic products have been handled by a lot of people, so scrub it and rinse it.


    I also like to make infused water to-go in my Rove Diamond Collection Water Bottle with its own infuser. This bottle is 22 ounces and never spills.


    You can make your own flavours. Try different combinations of:

    Slices of English cucumber

    Any citrus fruit sliced

    Berries (just rinse berries under water in a strainer)

    Serve with mint, rosemary or basil sprigs. Experiment.


    Remember infused waters should have just a “hint” of flavour. You are not making a fruit drink or lemonade.